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DownUp +37

You let me go
Then you want me back
Stop pushing me around
And cut me some slack
Must I always be waiting on you?
I need someone to see me through
I’m not here just for your joy
I do have my own life
And I’m not your toy
Give me a chance
Because I’m still broken
From the last thing you did
The words that were spoken
Couldn’t you have looked me I the eye?
I guess not
Were you too afraid to see me cry?
Well I’m not, and I wasn’t going to anyway
Because I’m stronger than that
People get hurt everyday
So stop getting things mixed up
You did this to me
It was you, you were the one
Open your eyes look and see!
Forget it I’m done
It’s your fault and you know it
So why don’t you be a man
Find your feelings and show it.

This post was submitted by Celine Butcher.

The words of I, A Poet

DownUp +8

The words of I, A Poet

The time is so slow
Yes, the leafs takes ages to fall
As the sweet words are said
It’s I, A poet

It’s when I get so emotional
I get those words
From my heart it shouts
So loud, to be wrote

It’s too beautiful to be wrote
So sweet to be caught
That’s the words of a true poet

As the clocks tick’s a tick
And my heart beats a beat
I say, I am a poet

The tears that my eyes make
Will be remembered
As the words of today

No sweetness on earth
Will be both
The beauty of it words
And the effect it does

As I write those words
My heart will be a good listener of yours
And heal the pain that once was in your words

As much as emotional it gets
It’s never too late
For me to take away the pain
Perhaps, I will enjoy the pain

No, I am not insane
My words indeed, overcomes my brain
It drew all the smiles on my face.

This post was submitted by Tariq Suhail.

This Lost Love

DownUp +1

This lost love is killing me inside
Within this lost life, I have nowhere to hide
It’s over now I need to accept it
But I cant help but feel like sh*t
I have drank in the city streets and yet
I keep going back to the place we met
The memories are flooding back to me
But all my pain I know you cannot see
Or do you even care how I tried to take my life
You may not know it but I wanted you to be my wife
As I lay there with blood gushing from each wrist
I think about you and how I never missed
Every chance to make you smile
Cheer you up when you were sad once in a while
The days I spent holding you in my arms
Making sure you never came to harm
All I wanted to do was make you feel loved
Every feeling you had I never shoved
Away from our relationship and time together
I wanted us to last forever
But I know now that will never come to be
All you can do is say you loved me
My heart is now snapped in two
Because of this lost love of me and you…

This post was submitted by Stuart S.

Heart Break

DownUp +7

I cant stop thinking about you…you cant wait until I fall,
I loved you always…you didn’t want to remember me at all,
You were acting while I meant everything I did and said,
I thought it was alive when it was always dead.

My heart dripped rubies causing it to rain in my soul,
Thinking that you of all people would make me whole,
But my heart is sewing itself back to life,
Once again hoping not to get stabbed with a knife.

This post was submitted by Ximena Rivas.

A Silent Whisper

DownUp +16

The whisper the wind brings,
A silence so sweet
A voice no one can hear,
But it is the one to fear…

He is all alone in the dark,
The only light is the pearlescent moon
The thought of her, in his mind lingers
He can only grasp at the air,
as she passes through his fingers.
Empty grasps, but there is nothing there
To hold her in his arms forever,
To kiss her lips so soft and so sweet
Without her, he is far from complete.

She notices now that she was hurt,
If not for that innocent flirt.
A love so deep, deep within her heart,
A thought if only they had never part.

He knows its wrong, but to make it right,
He would dare not lose her without a fight.
He had been hurt, but had a passion,
but changed as though it were a fashion.
He gained the courage, so very little knew,
It brought fear and a passion so deep,
She was a woman he had to keep.

To hear the whisper, a silence so sweet…
With these crimson tears he was complete.

This post was submitted by Myrone Moyo.

Broken All Over

DownUp +6

It seems to all have started with a kiss,
and finally lead up to this
A broken heart and miss-used trust,
could it of been that all you felt for me was lust
I remember all those promises you made,
and when you broke them i felt so betrayed
Do you not know how much you meant to me,
and that letting you go wasn’t done so easily
You made me feel so grateful and happy to be alive,
but now you’re gone and I’m finding it hard to survive

This post was submitted by A Hopeless Romantic a.k.a Juan Obrajero.

You and me

DownUp +2

Its how you twinkle in the light
that’s what makes me feel so bright
every time I see you smile
it will make me think a while
Your eyes are bright and your smiles divine
if you were here,you’d be all mine
its raining and pouring
I feel us both exploring
but i am here and you are there
the love between, is very rare
If i had one day, to forget the rest
it would only feel right if i made it the best
so come have fun, just you and I
We’ll fly kites upon the sky
its done and over the day has ended
as though i feel that someone pretended
its not you, and isn’t I
it my imagination wanting to fly
so when push comes to shove
no one comes between our love

This post was submitted by travisty.

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