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Addicted to You

DownUp +3

I can’t stay without you, I need you so much.
Never one second without you, I’m longing for your touch.
Just one look at you, it’s the best thing I can get.
A second gaze at you, I feel it but yet,
Your indifference is stabbing me slowly, really slow.
I can’t get it, did you really have to teat me so?
You will always live buried in my head,
And never will my love for you be shed
Away. You will always be near,
Because near you my heart will never fear
The cold nights at home, alone.
The sense of life is gone.

This post was submitted by Mervet Ziane.

Past Days

DownUp +1

Everything was different before,
But now, I can’t take it anymore,
Following the light, leading to a door
Which is nothing but imagination’s core.

I remember the optimism of the past
But now it just flew away, cast
Into the black hole where it shall last,
Since time’s rate will always remain fast.

Innocence was king those days,
And I, thinking that forever it stays
With all its shapes and its ways,
Was mistaken, humanity’s sorrow pays.

Sadly, those days now come to an end,
And easily, I can perceive the trend
Because life on earth can never bend
Time’s flow, and its way to mend.

This post was submitted by Mervet Ziane.

Will It Fade?

DownUp +2

A long time ago, I came towards you.
A long time ago, you just backed away.
From there on, my feeling is forever new,
Unfading… For eternity it will stay.

One gaze at you, music surrounds me.
One gaze at you, I ask no more.
For once, stay near and let it be,
By suffering, my heart will close its door.

There you are, sweetest of sweets.
There you are, mysterious as the sea.
You are the reason my heart beats,
You are the one, with a stressed ‘the’.

A long time ago, I came towards you.
A long time ago, you just backed away.
From there on, what should I do,
To make my life face a better day?

This post was submitted by Mervet Ziane.

The Unforgettable

DownUp +9

The stars, high up in the sky,
Form a name I can’t deny.
This person was a part of me,
And was from my close family.

Many mistakes he had done,
Afterwards, thinking he won,
He lost everything he had
And couldn’t pretend being sad.

Going away, leaving things down:
As a king throwing his crown
Which was the jewel of his life…
Leaving behind him only strife.

Now all I can do is sigh
Because vengeance I cannot try.
My memories, wild as the sea,
Closed up. They can never be free…

You can I never, ever forget,
From my first breath we met.
How can you do this to me, to us?
So… Is it true… Life is but a fuss?

This post was submitted by Mervet.

Love and its Ways

DownUp 0

Coming one last time in my hands…
My love for you, strong as a tower stands
Unshaken, for infinity stays,
But you left saying: “Love has its ways.”
These ways shattered my heart away,
Blown next to you, where it will always stay.

You love her, that’s what I’ve been told,
And I, without you, In sunlight, I feel cold.
My body is shivering, coldness filled my core…
This is hard to handle, I can’t go on anymore.
Don’t you feel it in the deepness of your soul,
A little piece, scattered away, a little hole?
I do!

This post was submitted by Mervet Ziane.

Evil Slave

DownUp +14

Hatred seeks to shorten
the hesitant hand of hope
it looks to snuff the light of trust
leaving us all to grope
In the darkness of misconceptions
where partiality breeds
wrath quickly germinates
persecutions scattered seeds
For these are sown far too deep
and watered with human vile
then perpetuated by intolerance
ignorantly misguided all the while.

This post was submitted by Donna Haynes.


DownUp +15

A word to say, A word to hear
Even in Your Absence
I feel you near
Hope this relationship is strong
We will remain the same
Till the life goes on…

This post was submitted by sumit.

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