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If today is my last day

DownUp +5

Fighting my tears,
As well as my fears,
Tired of letting you all get to me,
Why can’t you just let me be?,
I am doing nothing for you anyway,
I’m just just going to hurt you in the end,
So why can’t I fight this urge?,
It worked before,
But this urge is harder to ignore,
If today is my last day,
I will only regret yesterday.

This poem was written/submitted by Katelyn.


DownUp +9

Big oak tree
High upon a hill
So many things carved into its bark
Who will come next and leave their mark

It was a very big tree
Until its life was cut short
Taken down and striped of its branches
At a factory its bark shaven off
All of the memories destroyed and lost.

This poem was written/submitted by Matthew Duggan.

Is it true?

DownUp +3

I feel the need to ask,
Unable to tell my self
Unable to ask anyone
Unable to ask you.

How could you?
Why would you do it?
To me you are baby girl
The most important thing
To you in the world

When comes to it all
You stood and watched me fall
All the way down
Down far to when I almost died

Now my life is filled with lies
That can’t compare to butterflies
My love is so sweet
For a moment
I thought I lost you and me!!!

Lately I have been thinking about
All the ups and downs
That seems to bring my life
Down and around
All the bends and dips Like a roller coaster

Being on a emotional
Roller coaster makes it all
Fall into place
My perfect world came to an end
But it was just a dream
That turned to reality….

This poem was written/submitted by britni lowe.

Only a little while

DownUp +1

I know we’ve only
known each other for
a little while but your
the one who really
makes me smile.
It could be the way you hold me
close, look into my eye’s and tell me
a funny joke, or the way you know exactly what to say and
every time I’m lonely you find a way to hold me.

This poem was written/submitted by Rachel <3.

The few moments of Love

DownUp +1

Sitting. Watching. Waiting
He was opposite me
Every few seconds his eyes glazed past mine
Seeing the pain in my eyes
And the hurt in his
I turned my head
I knew this was life
It was reality
Every second was either one of hurt or love
Seconds of love were fewer
Moments of hurt were mostly all I knew
But still every time our eyes met
I knew that everyone feels pain
But my eyes meeting his was one of the few
The few moments of Love

This poem was written/submitted by Allie.

I miss you is all I can say

DownUp +6

I can’t believe its gone,
The light you once shone.

Your smile i shall never see,
Is this the way it has to be.

Your words will stay,
In my heart where they lay.

Each tear,
Brings fear

And through this storm,
the thought of you keeps me worm.

I miss you is all i can say,
Each and every day.

This poem was written/submitted by Victoria Tucker.

Three words

DownUp +3

A little boy and little girl
Are Sitting by a stream
Talking , listening
About what they
want to dream

The boy turned round as
He blushed in the face
Looking at her , and
Slowing in pace

“I love you” he says
About to turn blue
The girl stares around him
and says “well I love you too”

Walking very proudly
Never feeling more alive
It’s cute I tell you
Wait till they turn five.

This poem was written/submitted by lisa.

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