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Such a lie

DownUp +10

He made my heart fly
Seeing the world with an open eye
Regret losing any chance without try
and knowing who am I
A look from his eyes..
Made me know that I’ll never die
How could this hope dry ??
when he left without saying good bye
I’ve never thought that he has the boldness to deny
And all what we pass was such a lie.

This post was submitted by asma.

I spread my wings and fly away

DownUp +5

Darkened by hatred.
Fragile as my heart.
Hidden from you.
Now I fall apart.
Can’t find my light.
You can’t see me cry.
Its only cos of you,
that I want to die.
Life was a game
Its all gonna cost.
What i couldn’t realize,
is now that I lost.
Its my fault for whats happened today.
I spread my wings and fly away…

This post was submitted by Arielle Catastrophe.

Only You

DownUp +1

I long for the day that you’ll be mine,
Your every kiss, touch and smile,
Again and again i tell myself,
That you belong to me and no one else.

Although we haven’t been friends for so long,
I think its time we become one,
You know, you’re for me and I am for you,
So I’ll prove my love for you,
Not through letters, notes or songs,
But through my arms where you belong…

This post was submitted by Richard.

I want you

DownUp +1

I want you more than you’ll ever know.
when i see you smile,
I feel my heart,
skip a beat,
I feel a smile creep to my face,
I feel like every thing is right,
for once in my life,
I forget everything that is wrong,
I forget how life is at home,
all i want is you here next to me,
for the rest of my life,
I want you,
but the question is do you want me?

This post was submitted by Serena.

I miss you

DownUp +32

You’re so far away from me
This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.
This is just too hard
I want to be where you are.
I didn’t know I would miss you so much
I can’t wait to feel your touch.
I miss your beautiful smile
That’s something I haven’t seen in a while.
I’ll never understand
How only you can
Make all the bad disappear
And say all the things I need to hear.
The road is long
And the radio plays that same old song.
At night I lie awake
I no longer pretend to smile,
they know its fake
I sit and wait for your call
And sometimes you don’t call at all.
But, still I can’t let you go
It’s crazy, I know.
The only one i want is you
My love for you is so true.
The time is passing by so fast
Soon I’ll be with you at last.
And we can catch up on what we’ve missed
Nothing will ever change this.

This post was submitted by Santana Hayes.

My love

DownUp +2

When I first saw you, my clock stop
Feels like dancing melody that beat me fast
Every time I looked into your face
I saw an angle that kissed my tears away
And even my fears would seem okay.

I imagine you and me will be together
For a second or minute that I pray would last forever
All I want is simply to be with you
And share the laughter that makes me complete and knew

One day you saw me cry
You comfort and hug me tight
And that moment even my heart can’t deny
That you teach me to be desire

As every season goes by and by….
I Feel that you’ve been apart of it
And it would be so hard for me to receive
That one day you’re lost by my side
And take the half of my love.

This post was submitted by Gina Mae.

It hurts

DownUp +7

It hurts to look at you anymore,
it hurts to talk to you anymore,
it hurts but yet I do it.
I find myself looking for you,
and making excuses to come and see you.
The only thing is,
is that you don’t really care.
It hurts a lot to see that you don’t care,
maybe one day,
not any day soon it will stop hurting.
You know what they say you always remember your first true love.

This post was submitted by Krista Barr.

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