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It’s You

DownUp +1

It runs through my veins
It claims my life
It’s cut me deep
Yet its no knife

It’s in my nightmares
Yet still in my dreams
It’s the cause of my laughter
But still the cause of my screams

It used to cause joy
It could make the world halt
Yet now it causes suffering
But there is no one at fault

It’s your love in my veins
It’s your face in my dreams
It’s your presence that causes joy

This post was submitted by Nick Mckinley.

My Patient Journey

DownUp +1

Although my path is dark and cold,
I know my life is meant to be bold,
My days begin with so much heart break,
but I must hide the pain for the little ones sake,
My faith tells me he will some day be near,
I will just be patient and wait right here.

Another day comes and light peeks through,
I’m beginning to think this is a start of something new,
The pain in my heart is starting to fade,
I have faith its due to the decisions I’ve made,
My faith tells me he will some day be near,
I will just be patient and wait right here.

A year has passed and the darkness has faded,
I no longer feel that my heart is damaged or jaded,
I have turned the pain into a warm feeling inside,
In comes my new life with the days late tide,
My faith never failed me for he is now near,
My patience paid off and he will soon be here.

This post was submitted by Emma Herreros.

The way…

DownUp +1

the way he moves;
the way he smiles;i want him…
more than i should.

the way he laughs,
the way walks,
i need him…
more than i want to.

the way he talks,
the way he smells,
i love him more than i need to.

This post was submitted by big red bubblehead.

Because that’s what friends do

DownUp +9

Ill tell you a secret, you’ll tell me yours,
We’ll comb for shells, along the sea shores.
I’ll paint your nails, you’ll do my hair,
We’ll talk about boys, without a care.

We’ll sing along, to our favorite tune,
You’ll dance like mad, And look like a loon.
You’ll pick out my outfit, for that special date,
Cover for me at school, whenever I am later

At Christmas time, You’ll buy me a gift,
When your mom doesn’t show up, I’ll give you a lift.
We’ll spend the Summer, laughing all day,
When the park is cold & wet, we’ll still stay.

When no one else will hang with you,
I’ll stay by your side, Because that’s what friends do

This post was submitted by Kirsten.

Such a lie

DownUp +10

He made my heart fly
Seeing the world with an open eye
Regret losing any chance without try
and knowing who am I
A look from his eyes..
Made me know that I’ll never die
How could this hope dry ??
when he left without saying good bye
I’ve never thought that he has the boldness to deny
And all what we pass was such a lie.

This post was submitted by asma.

I spread my wings and fly away

DownUp +5

Darkened by hatred.
Fragile as my heart.
Hidden from you.
Now I fall apart.
Can’t find my light.
You can’t see me cry.
Its only cos of you,
that I want to die.
Life was a game
Its all gonna cost.
What i couldn’t realize,
is now that I lost.
Its my fault for whats happened today.
I spread my wings and fly away…

This post was submitted by Arielle Catastrophe.

Only You

DownUp +1

I long for the day that you’ll be mine,
Your every kiss, touch and smile,
Again and again i tell myself,
That you belong to me and no one else.

Although we haven’t been friends for so long,
I think its time we become one,
You know, you’re for me and I am for you,
So I’ll prove my love for you,
Not through letters, notes or songs,
But through my arms where you belong…

This post was submitted by Richard.

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