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Three Months

DownUp +19

I won’t forget the day you said goodbye
All I did was keep the tears back
Now living everyday a lie
Your love is something I just cant lack

Losing my best friend and my lover
Haunts me everyday I live
Scared that I wont ever find another
that’s just how my life is

Always thinking about you girl
Thinking that the time we had
Are all pointless memories in this world
Knowing that I wont ever have them back

Seeing your face everyday just makes my love deeper
Makes it harder to forget you
Every mountain that I climb will be steeper
Without your love to help guide me through

I don’t know what I can do
Its been three months
And I’m still in love with you.

This post was submitted by Jeff O\'Connor.


DownUp +9

Friends are here for you when you need them,
There here for you when you’re sad and when you’re happy,
Through your ups and downs,
And when you’re having a hard time,

Friends are the one, who makes you feel special,
Who makes life a bit easier,
Who is there always through difficult times,

Friends have a bond that time cannot break,
It’s a chain that unites people together and makes friends, who they are,
A friend is someone you can count on,
A friend I know will care, love, and be there,

A friend you can depend on,
To fulfill your every need and
To be there to wipe away your tears,
Friends: the greatest thing to have,
A great accessory that’s always with you,

For now I will say thank you for everything,
For being there always,
Through the good and the bad,
You’ve helped me through everything and now to return the favor
You tell me what I should do??

This post was submitted by Zana.


DownUp +8

Tossing cared aside
With nothing to worry about
Seeing it softly fall
I just had to get out

Pulling on a light jacket
I rush into the cold
I let my hood fall off
Not minding what I’d been told

The rain splashes an my face
Melting away the rest
I sing and skip and dance
Feeling happy and at my best

So what about you?
Must you always gain?
Forget about the rest of the world
And just go dancing in the rain.

By: Nieshell Sheppard

This post was submitted by Nieshell Sheppard.

8th grade graduation

DownUp +32

Today on June 11th of 2008,
Are you feeling good? Because Im feeling Great.

Words cannot explain how overjoyed I am,
No more books, or homework or knowledge to cram.

No need to cry or to be sad there is no need to worry,
Because in a few more months were back in school, so im not in a hurry.

These four years have gone by so fast,
but the memories and friends will forever last.

I’ll never forget the friends I’ve made,
as I exit the Eighth Grade.

So far eight years of education,
have prepared me for High School Situations.

As I exit middle school I’ll leave with no regrets,
Because the class of 2008 Is the best, So when I enter High School I will Be set,
and this Experience I wont forget.

Im ready for anything that comes my way,
If it wasn’t for my teachers I would not be who I am today.

So Thank you Mrs. Hall for keeping me on the ball, Standing tall,
Not letting me fall, and I appreciate it all.

This post was submitted by Jasmine Diaz.

The feeling you can’t describe

DownUp +4

Is it possible to describe a feeling?
A feeling of love and desire,
Passion and perfection,
Wrapped up in the beauty of words.

Is it possible to describe a feeling?
A feeling of happiness and wholeness,
Thrill and excitement,
That only that one girl makes you feel.

Is it possible to describe that girl?
That your feelings are so strong for,
That texts and song lyrics,
Never touch the feeling inside your heart.

Is it possible to describe those beautiful eyes?
That you can stare into all day,
Deep and meaningful,
Part of the girl you cannot describe.

Is it possible to describe the memories,
The “have to be there” moments,
That tingling and weightlessness,
As you feel on top of the clouds.

Is it possible to describe a feeling?
It can’t be possible to describe a feeling,
Because the feelings I feel,
Are more than words can ever describe.

This post was submitted by Jamie Carpenter.

Its hard

DownUp +7

Life is full of emotions that you cannot control,
And emotions that cant be prevented
No matter how hard you try some how someone manages to get into your heart
The problem is not letting them in,
The problem is getting them out,

When you love someone nothing else matters,
You feel like your flying
But when they leave you,
You feel like your dying

No one can be blamed for our mistakes
Everyone has regrets and complaints
And everyone has to deal with the pain

This post was submitted by Diana.

Still Love You

DownUp +3

The love in my heart is still not gone
So i sit in my bed and wait for the dawn
I feel so empty with you out of my life
I always thought you would be my wife

Our love was young and I thought it true
But the heart that was lacking belonged to you
I haven’t forgotten the love that we had
Even though the thought of it makes me sad

I wish I could say I was doing much better
But all I do is write these letters
We have both done wrong and messed things up
But if you forgive and I will never give up.

This post was submitted by Jake Findlay.

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