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Thinkin About You

DownUp +7

I lay in bed at nite thinking about you;
just wondering what you do;
and how much would be different still being with you;
but you’re with her what can i say;
I love you forever still to this day;
your best friend; your closest friend;
yet loving and caring more and more;
I’ll always be here for you and never forget;
so just remember you are my best friend.

This post was submitted by Logan.


DownUp +3

So how does it feel
When you sit there with the new girl
And I sit here with my bff
As she tells me what you did.
I know that sometimes fairy tales do not have happy endings
But this ending was just completely stupid.
If you had just not been so dumb
And gone so far to USE YOUR BRAIN
You may have looked and realized that
The one you need is not her but
My friend.
I am disgusted with you
That you would be so dumb to
Just go leave my friend for a prep
I am disgusted with you
Do you realize what you have done
And the things you did wont be undone
Cuz when you say bye to her
You say bye to life.

This post was submitted by kc.

Driver seat

DownUp +11

In the driver seat there is someone I know
This person is no friend or foe
But a person that I met so long ago
This person has been there in that seat
Steering along this narrow street
Over ups and downs and old concrete
She still seems to make ends meet
In the passenger seat he wasn’t for long
He felt as if he did not belong
So she pushed that aside and kept herself strong
And kept us steering along
She would not cry or complain
But I could see her pain
And the look in her eyes I could not explain
In the back seat sits my sister and I
Just along for the ride
Being driven by somebody with compassion and pride
In this ride of life
I have realized one thing
That no matter how hard it gets
It’s always clear
In every hour, minute, day of the year
My mom will always be there

This post was submitted by payton banks.

I’ll never forget you my friend

DownUp +6

Like fire to the flame
We stick together
I feed your fire when it dies
And you save mine from burning all that is known
I fill your glass with true happiness
As we share our feast of life
Thank you my friend
I will never forget you.

This post was submitted by joel.

Lucky to have a friend like you

DownUp +18

One day I feel like crying,
One day I feel very happy,
Sometimes I feel like nobody can hear me screaming inside,
Do I express my feelings by the way I act or is it just a way of sadness?
Then one thing I know is
that you’ll be there,
if i need a shoulder to cry on or
if i just need someone to try to figure out why I am so lucky two have a friend like you.

This post was submitted by Heather.

A Family’s Love

DownUp +56

Right by my side you’ll always stand
Always there to hold my hand
And guide me through every step of the way
No matter how far i may stray
It may get hard in the next few years
But family will be there with love and cheer

This post was submitted by Matt.

I’m sorry I loved you

DownUp +9

I’m sorry you cheated on me
I’m sorry you lied
I’m sorry you used me
I’m sorry I cried.

I’m sorry I loved you
I’m sorry I tried
I’m sorry for caring
I’m sorry you said bye.

I’m sorry I trusted you
I’m sorry I sighed
I’m sorry for living
I’m sorry for ever looking you in your eyes

None of that matters
No longer now
I wish I hadn’t tried
I wish I wasn’t yours.

A months worth of being used
A months of being lied to
It all goes to show
I’m not wasting no more tears.

Not even on you my love, my dear.

This post was submitted by aly.

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