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I’ll never forget you my friend

DownUp +6

Like fire to the flame
We stick together
I feed your fire when it dies
And you save mine from burning all that is known
I fill your glass with true happiness
As we share our feast of life
Thank you my friend
I will never forget you.

This post was submitted by joel.

Lucky to have a friend like you

DownUp +18

One day I feel like crying,
One day I feel very happy,
Sometimes I feel like nobody can hear me screaming inside,
Do I express my feelings by the way I act or is it just a way of sadness?
Then one thing I know is
that you’ll be there,
if i need a shoulder to cry on or
if i just need someone to try to figure out why I am so lucky two have a friend like you.

This post was submitted by Heather.

A Family’s Love

DownUp +56

Right by my side you’ll always stand
Always there to hold my hand
And guide me through every step of the way
No matter how far i may stray
It may get hard in the next few years
But family will be there with love and cheer

This post was submitted by Matt.

I’m sorry I loved you

DownUp +9

I’m sorry you cheated on me
I’m sorry you lied
I’m sorry you used me
I’m sorry I cried.

I’m sorry I loved you
I’m sorry I tried
I’m sorry for caring
I’m sorry you said bye.

I’m sorry I trusted you
I’m sorry I sighed
I’m sorry for living
I’m sorry for ever looking you in your eyes

None of that matters
No longer now
I wish I hadn’t tried
I wish I wasn’t yours.

A months worth of being used
A months of being lied to
It all goes to show
I’m not wasting no more tears.

Not even on you my love, my dear.

This post was submitted by aly.

Broken his heart

DownUp +8

When you thought you knew him
you let your guard down
He hurts you right on the spot
you asks for him to explain
He says he didn’t know
you said you trusted him
to do the right thing
He winds up breaking your heart
with his action that broke your heart
He said he will protect you
that his action will never harm you
but everything he did
wound up hurting you
when you didn’t expect it
You threw the ring right in his face
instead of him breaking your heart
you broke his, right on the spot

This post was submitted by aly.

She has made me worry free

DownUp +15

Heaven sent this angel down
To make a smile out of a frown
Take away your worries too
Making grey skys turn to blue
Bringing sunshine in the rain
And take away lifes evey pain
When it’s dark she helps me see
And now she has made me worry free

This post was submitted by Hanna.

If I Saw Her Everyday

DownUp -2

She isn’t my girlfriend
Not even a friend to me
She is just so special
Loving me for me
Beautiful, kind and lovely
Are words you’ll hear them say
Those would be my words
If i saw her everyday.

This post was submitted by Hanna.

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