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Broken his heart

DownUp +8

When you thought you knew him
you let your guard down
He hurts you right on the spot
you asks for him to explain
He says he didn’t know
you said you trusted him
to do the right thing
He winds up breaking your heart
with his action that broke your heart
He said he will protect you
that his action will never harm you
but everything he did
wound up hurting you
when you didn’t expect it
You threw the ring right in his face
instead of him breaking your heart
you broke his, right on the spot

This post was submitted by aly.

She has made me worry free

DownUp +15

Heaven sent this angel down
To make a smile out of a frown
Take away your worries too
Making grey skys turn to blue
Bringing sunshine in the rain
And take away lifes evey pain
When it’s dark she helps me see
And now she has made me worry free

This post was submitted by Hanna.

If I Saw Her Everyday

DownUp -2

She isn’t my girlfriend
Not even a friend to me
She is just so special
Loving me for me
Beautiful, kind and lovely
Are words you’ll hear them say
Those would be my words
If i saw her everyday.

This post was submitted by Hanna.

Balance of life

DownUp +11

If your always worried about the past,
when will you ever have time to plan for the future?
But if your always planning for the future,
when will you ever be able to live in the moment?

This post was submitted by Jordan Marzec.

The Way You Make Me Feel

DownUp +1

Taking time to come back home,
makes me feel that i am always alone
Feeling sad without me there,
makes me feel like you dont care
The way you make me feel,
is why I can say “Its real”

This post was submitted by Jess Unger.

Secrets and lies

DownUp +14

Secrets and lies look where the lead us
Sharing our deepest fears to people we don’t trust
The holes getting deeper yet I continue down
Waiting for the moment everything overwhelms me and I can drown

I always make things worse and each time I break away a piece of my soul
Now i am all drained and stuck in reality everything’s out of control
Cautious and wary I can’t decide one form another
Am I that stupid to be fooled by their masks?

How could I say the things I have I should have told them straight
I won’t survive in no-man’s land i am going to crumple beneath the weight
Go to a distant place where nothing matters and no one knows
Until tomorrow when I do it all again we must wait to see what the outcome shows

This post was submitted by AC2.

Losing Fast

DownUp +9

Falling Down,
Nothings Right,
Losing Fast,
Dark as Night,
Can’t Wish My Way,
Out Of Here,
Nothings Okay,
I Shed a Tear,
Screaming Loudly,
I Look Down,
Seeing My Life,
On The Ground,
I’m Going Nowhere,
Losing Fast,
Because of The Regrets,
Of My Past.

This post was submitted by Hunter Fitchko.

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