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Meaning of Life

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A person once told me Life meant Living In Fear Everyday

Is that person right?
Sometimes Life seems so bright
But this night
You may need to fight
Could be quite the fright
But remember at the end theres a light

So is this person right?

This post was submitted by joel.

Winter – A Beautiful time

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A Beautiful time
Where you hear the Angels sing
See the gods Crystal Tears fall from the heavens
Snow its called
Everythings still
Captured in time by the colds grip
Blankets all with a layer of purity
Slient nights
As the angels watch their children play in the Glacial Playground.

This post was submitted by joel.

As little as nothing

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Nothing is everything.
when you say your doing nothing you are always doing something.
If you are standing in your kitchen talking on your phone
and somebody asks you what you are doing, and you say nothing.
You are lying, your always doing something,
for instance, standing, breathing, living, talking, seeing, hearing, stepping, being yourself.

This post was submitted by Kristen Bendell.

A friendship poem for remembering

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Friendship is hard to explain you just need the right words to do it.

A friend is like the water you drink, if it spills nobody but you can feel it but everybody can see it.

A friend is somebody you can trust with all your secrets, and you know they wont tell a single living soul.

A friend helps you through times of greif, there always there for you.

This post was submitted by Kristen Bendell.

Accidentally opposite

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I accidentally looked into your eyes,
I accidentally fell in love with you,
I accidentally couldn’t let you go,
I accidentally cried when you did,
I could’ve stopped myself, and i tried,
but i fell in love with you when i looked into your eyes.

I accidentally wrote this poem the opposite way i felt.

This post was submitted by Kristen Bendell.

The feeling of love

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The feeling of raindrops, wet and moist
The feeling of snow, cold and brittle
The feeling of the sun, warm, radiant, and glowing
The feeling of love, unexplainable.

This post was submitted by Kristen Bendell.

It’s Over Now

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You know I did this for a reason?
You know I’m not stupid? Or blind?
You know I realize what I’m doing?
When I say that now is the time?

Cos this time I finally got it.
Cos this time I opened my eyes.
Cos this time I got into MY shoes.
And realized that you’re not my guy.

So you can go home and pout ALL YOU WANT!
You can cry, you can try to persuade me
But you know, I moved on! I am already gone.
Your words and your tears will not shake me.

This post was submitted by kc.

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