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DownUp +15

I was cwazy wonce,,,,deh’ put me in a rwoom.
and in dat rwoom, der’ was a dot.
i townted dat dot: one. one. one.
it dwove me cwazy!!!
cwazy? I was cwazy wonce…

This post was submitted by cloejean.

Wanna Be With You

DownUp +4

I dont know where i stand with you,
I dont know what i mean to you,
All I know that everytime I think about you
All I wanna do is be with you!

This post was submitted by beautiful blond swimmer.

Love will find you

DownUp +4

Don’t go looking for love,
Love will find you,
Love will keep you,
Love will treat u right,
Love will make you smile on the inside,
Even when the whole world is crashing down around you,
Love will come to you when you least expect it,
Sweep you off your feet,
And make everything alright again.

This post was submitted by Stacey.

I don’t feel the same for you now

DownUp +9

I couldn’t belive i was so lucky.
Everytime i saw you i got a funny feeling
that i’ve never felt before.
I wanted to feel tht feeling 4ever.
I wanted to be with you forever.
I never wanted to loose u.
But i guess u didn’t feel the same way.

This post was submitted by margo.

Life Goes On

DownUp +26

Take The Good With The Bad
Smile With The Sad
Love What You Got & Remember What You Had,
Always Forgive But Never Forget,
Learn From Your Mistakes But Never Regret,
People Change & Things Go Wrong…
But Just Remember, That Life Goes On.

This post was submitted by Navneet.

What is Life..?

DownUp +16

its all about taking chances;
about doing something everyone
said you couldn’t do;
its about acting goofy;
its about not caring
what other people think;
its about learning to love
what you have.

This post was submitted by Dana.

Your eyes locked into mine

DownUp +1

This moment
This time
Your eyes locked into mine
Looking around
Familiar ground
Found that in your eyes
Turquoise bright
Shine in the light
I could never ask for more
Your blushing hard
Cuz you found your mark
There she is; the girl you were waiting for

This moment
This time
Your eyes locked into mine

This post was submitted by kc.

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