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We will be friends forever

DownUp +13

Tight as a knot we are bound together
Although we’re still young we’ll be friends forever
So many memories, even more to be made.
The tears and the laughter… may they never fade.
From birthdays and barbies to boyfriends and bras
We’ve made it this far like dorothy to OZ.
The parties, the fun, the jokes played at school
I hope I’ll never lose ou; you’re m very best friend.
I know that we’ll always stick together ’til the end.

This post was submitted by missymae94.

When You Are Away From Me

DownUp +5

When You’re Beside Me…
I Love You
When You’re Away From Me…
I Miss You
When I Miss You…
World’s Like Breaking and Never Gonna Be Usual
When I Love You…
It Feel So… Perfect and I Will Always Do…
When I Think Of You…
My Eyes Can’t Stop Seeing Your Photos…
When I Think Of You…
My Love To You Always Been Added… 100% by 100%
Coz.. I Love You So Much…
I Will Always Love You..
I Miss U..

This post was submitted by Yura.

Love is blind

DownUp +5

It’s only now, I look back to see
Inside your eyes I saw
Only me.

I hope you looked directly back
To see my heart
with now it’s crack.

I loved you so
But now I find
The truth of it all,
That love is blind.

This post was submitted by Jen…x.

I miss you

DownUp +22

Yesterday you smiled and said I love you.
Yesterday I cried and whispered I love you too.

Today you smiled and said Hello.
Today I cried and said Goobye.

Tomorrow you’ll smile and say nothing at all.
Tomorrow I’ll cry and sob I miss you.

This post was submitted by Jen…x.

I thought I was smart

DownUp +5

I thought I was ugly
Until he said I was beautiful
I thought I was dumb
But he said I was brilliant
I thought I was worthless
He said diamonds don’t even to begin to hold your value
I thought I was weird
He said you fit in tighter than a too-small shoe

I thought I was smart
Until I heard that he was lying

This post was submitted by kc.

You should be in the zoo

DownUp +142

Roses are red
violets are blue
monkeys like you should be in the zoo
dont worry u’ll find me there too
not in a cage… but laughing at you!!

This post was submitted by Sharna chadwick.

Here forever

DownUp +13

He whispered into my ear
‘you are the only one’
he whispered into my heart
‘without you i am done’
he whispered into my mind
‘there isn’t anyone better’
he whispered into my soul
‘cuz i will be here forever’

This post was submitted by kc.

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