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Eagles Flight

DownUp +4

As I am driving my Harley, through the valleys and heights
I remember my dream for the Eagles flight
I’m driving it freely, forcing it hard
After enjoying a bottle of Jack
Being abandoned from all of my friends
In times of trouble close to my dead
I vowed in the Heavens watching the flight
I’ll fire the engine and drive to the stage
Learning from the Eagle, I’ll drive for revenge
Having the bottle, I’ve confessed
I was doing the impossible, giving my best
I was helping the relatives and all of my friends
But watching the Eagle, watching his flight
I learned about freedom and alone how to fight

Learn from the Eagle
He will teach you to fly
How to drive for a freedom
How to run from your cage
How to cope with all seasons
How to fly for revenge
Learn from the Eagle
Be the one and the best
Honor this freedom
don’t give up and rest

As I am driving my Harley, I am feeling so tough
I am feeling the freedom, healing my heart
If I see any motel I’ll kill the engine
Sit on the bar and order some Jack
Remembering battles of all of my life
I found only freedom in driving my bike
I found the wisdom in the Eagles flight

I’m driving it freely, forcing it hard
After enjoying a bottle of Jack
I don’t pay attention, don’t follow rules
I can hear only groan, the engines pulse
Feeling like an Eagle, on by my own
I’m showing the people that, the road is my home.

This post was submitted by Petar Rusinov.

When I Look At You

DownUp -1

When I look at you I can’t help but smile
I haven’t seen such beauty in such a long while
They say perfection doesn’t exist
In you I feel it does
They say that beauty isn’t a bliss
Whoever said it was
Was just a bit confused
Cause what I see in you is definite amuse
Who defines perfection
You do for me
You define true inner beauty

When I look at you I can’t help but cry
I know if I were ever to lose you my choice would be to die
They say love is a choice
Its strength can be heard in your voice
Who am I to deny this love
Who am I to keep on with this push and shove
I prayed for you and here you are
You shine to me like a glowing star

When I look at you I can’t help but wonder
I mean sometimes I really just sit and ponder
God must really love me
If he doesn’t then how could this be
How could I be given such a gift
A gift that keeps on coming with such an uplift
You are my definition of perfection
Even if the book gives its own perception

When I look at you I cant help but laugh
You bring joy so wonderfully on my behalf
They say that laughter isn’t always heard
With you around its like an alarming bird
The strength you give me is more than enough
Before you came my heart was weak and rough
You built me up when others brought me down
Since I have met you there is not even an indention of a frown

When I look at you I cant help but smile
I haven’t seen such beauty in such a long while
I could say to you over and over how much you mean
You already know because you treat me like a queen
I love you forever and nothing will change
You are my heart and I thank God for the beautiful exchange.

This post was submitted by Juanisha Bailey.

The Girl With The Long Hair

DownUp +5

The girl with the long hair she has the prettiest smile.
And her beauty don’t just come from her great sense of style.
Her gorgeous face is something that I would die for.
She’s the whole package there’s nothing more I can ask for.
She has the perfect skin tone with dark brown eyes.
A small waist and little thin thighs.
Her hands is sweet you know nice and smooth.
When she get around me sometimes I get the blues.
She keep her hair up tight using that good shampoo.
Didn’t see her feet yet but I’m sure they look gook too.
I’m addicted to her it’s like I’m under a spell.
I know her voice, her laugh and even her smell.
My friends say go get her, I say she’s out of my league.
If we were both plants she’d be a flower and I’d be some weeds.
I get up early because to see her I can not wait.
Her smile makes me smile, yeah it’s that great.
I will always have a thing for her that’s just how it is.
This for the girl with the long hair, she know who she is.

This post was submitted by Sharod Blake.

April First

DownUp +8

I wondered happy as a clown.
Walking with a smile not a frown.
I passed a man he was on the street.
He asked for something good to eat.
I had food so I couldn’t tell him no.
I just didn’t mention it was from a week ago.

In the park where children play.
I thought I might head that way.
Found a tree with just my luck.
Went behind it and peed in a cup.
Saw a kid looking hot in the shade.
Said here kid try some lemonade.

It was hot so something to drink would be nice.
So I headed out to get a water ice.
The line was huge from China you could see.
So I said step aside everything is on me.
I got rainbow flavor and said by to Will.
And on the counter I left monopoly bills.

I went back home and kicked off my shoes.
I turned on the TV and I was on the news.
The man on the street said I was totally out of order.
The kid from the park said I need to drink water.
The man who sold water ice said I was the worst.
I just said don’t these guys know it’s April First.

This post was submitted by Sharod Blake.

It’s Too Late.

DownUp -1

I know who I am, but no thanks to you.
It was all him, who taught me the truth.
You were gone, nowhere in sight.
Then I met him, everything turned bright.
I grew up never knowing you, never wanting to.
Because I had him, I was just fine without you.
This is the truth, for I would not lie.
That is a promise I do comply.
You are not my father, nor will you ever be.
I have someone who has always been there for me.
Don’t try to care now because it is too late;
you had sixteen years but now, for you,
my heart is full of hate.
He is my father and has been since I was five,
I know that I can count on him until the end of time.
He will be the one walking me down the aisle;
The one who will be called grandpa when I have a child.
I hope you are happy with the decision you’ve made;
No go to your new family, you have a life to retain.

This post was submitted by Stephanie Moody..


DownUp -1

Closure to an open heart
is painful indeed
but its whats best for me
tired of looking back on all the memories
and all the could have be’s
time to close my heart for good
those times has passed
though your love will always be dear to me
I guess it wasn’t meant to be
you made the choice
but i made the mistake
though i leave with one regret
I knew it was on me
but time will pass and that goes away
we will always be friends
in a sort of way
you was my first everything
as I yours
but now its time to say our goodbyes
for now anyways
this is closure
and its best for me.

This post was submitted by karli.


DownUp +2

I gave u my heart to have and to hold
but when i placed it in ur hand
u crushed it to pieces
now u leave me broken-hearted
on the ground
i loved u dearly
& all u did was take me for granted
u lied and u cheated
while i was being fair
now i’ve moved on
found new love
i wish u the best of luck
my once loved.

This post was submitted by Jacquelyn Coleman.

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