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Gone Away

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Nights and days have past
he knew she never could last,
but he left her all alone
and now she’s all alone.

Why did he leave her?
he had belief in her.
She felt that she did something wrong
she listened to his favorite song.

She stayed in her bed,
like life was about to end.
He sent her a letter
do you want to know what he said to her?

it said only three words
three tiny words. . .
‘i love you’
and she whispered to herself ‘i love you too’
but then she died from a broken heart.

This post was submitted by Amanda Cunningham.

The Reality of Love

DownUp +1

I was overwhelmed by the reality of it all.
His raspy voice yelling at me in such a way, I’ve never heard before
The intimidation of him was gone.
I was just as irate as he was.
I couldn’t believe that after all we have been through it ends like this
I was frivolous to him and he let me know it.
I crooned myself trying to find a way out of the pain.
But all I found was complete desolation.
I clenched my heart to try to find a way out of this massive black hole.
But the hole just grew larger day after day
I found myself in my room often, just sitting there idly.
My world was becoming iridescent,
colors changing from light shades of reds
and oranges to dark purples and blacks.
All I wanted was him ample amount of love.
Something that I will never have.

This post was submitted by Allie.

Dreams—–wish come true!

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IF I could make a wish,
I would be in your arms,
Every moment,hour and day,
In your presence,your warmth…..

If I could make a wish,
Your lovely eyes,your warm touch,
I want to wake up with you,
Every morning of my life……

If I could make a wish,
I would make you all mine,
Your starry eyes full of dreams,
Makes me come alive…….

If I could Make a wish,
Every time i open my eyes,
All I would like to see is,
Is you the love of my life…

This post was submitted by preeti.

Dear Mom

DownUp +1

Mother, you will never know,
how much love I have in my heart below,
for you, being there for me,
as well as for my family.
Times were good and times were bad,
you were happy, you were sad.
And still you done for me anything
always protected me with a mothers wing.
You are someone words can not describe
and for eternal there will not be one alike.
I am thankful for every memory,
because nobody can ever take that away from me.
You raised me to be a good human
and mom, I am proud about who I am.

I love you mom – thank you so much,
for giving me all these years your special touch.

This post was submitted by Diana Barnes.

“My Candle Light”

DownUp +3

When I was born, a candle was lit.
Mom, you are the candle that was lit,
and that continues to shine day and night
You are the light that continues to guide my path,
in the midst of the darkness that exists in this world.

When I am hungry, I look towards the lit candle,
When I am afraid I look towards the lit candle,
When I need guidance, I look towards the lit candle,
and when I need to hear those words “I Love You,”
I look towards the lit candle.

See this lit candle of mine, I know will never go out.
This light will continue to shine
when all other lights no longer exist.

Sometimes when I am alone,
or when the thought of day that my GOD will want this candle
To shine in his kingdom,
I look to heaven and give thanks up to him
For the blessing of this light.
When this light no longer exists in my presence,
it will continue to shine in my heart.
This candle light is not only external, but is also internal.

Mom, I embrace our love,
and I want to take this opportunity to say thank you!
Thank you for keeping me, when you could have given me away.
Thank you for loving me, just because I am your’s.
Mom, thank you for being My Candle Light.

This post was submitted by Stanley Staggers.


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When I was a little girl, sitting on you knee
I never could imagine, the Mother you would be
As I grew, I realized how blessed my life would be
Because you are my Mother, it means the world to me
So,Eventhough I’m far away, and can’t be there today.
Always know you’re in my Heart Forever there to stay.

This post was submitted by Penny Whipkey.

Beauty Bouquet

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There’s a girl who walks the scenic trail.
The one with the long ponytail.
The way it blows in the breeze.
Can bring a fellow to his knees.

She’s pure as sunshine.
Mellow as aged wine.
Mystical as a Hawaiian sunrise.
A beauty bouquet for the eyes.

This post was submitted by Lamar Cole.

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