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You Complete Me

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i have a dream one night before
but i did’nt know what it is for
still my life is incomplete
when i remember it was too late
it was only a dream before
so i decided to ask for more

i ask god for happiness god gave me you
i ask god for someone to love
but in my dreams he sent me his angel without knowing it”s you

still i feel something is missing
still i feel something
because i want to love someone who care
and to love a person real

but i dont know if its just a dream or it is true
because i cant simplify it the way i wanted to
so i ask him for someone to talk to
and my questions has been answered when he sent me YOU

now i have nothing to ask
i have nothing to say
because since you arrive

This post was submitted by SHIEBY ARANGOTE.

His Hugs

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His hugs are angel hugs
his kisses are tender
his voice is my melody
his eyes are my mirrors
his heart will always be mine !

This post was submitted by nelly.

Royal Marine

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The blood will shed
The soldiers will fall

Poppies will grow
to remember you all

Yet the war carries on
regardless of whose gone

When will we learn
we will never have the peace that we yearn

Soldiers are buried
families shattered

that’s when we know what really mattered.

This post was submitted by james brown.

Royal Marine Adam Brown

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I will never forget the day my dad came to my front door
he told me the bad news so I didn’t want to live anymore

Walked outside greeted by a man in his blues
then I started to believe that this was real news

I guess I took you for granted and was expecting you to come home
now I know how it feels to be so alone

The next few weeks dragged on and on
I still can’t believe that you’re really gone

I watched your coffin being carried off the plane
and we all knew that life wouldn’t be the same again

Then came the day you were layed to rest
and everyone spoke about how you were the best

That night a lot of eyebrows were shaved
It’s exactly the way you would have behaved!

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you
And im still struggling to believe that this is all true

At least you can look after our little sister
And let her know that we all miss her.

Rest in Peace Bro
Love you so much .

This post was submitted by james brown.


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This Christmas wish comes to you,
With love and laughter from us two.
We hope your day is full of cheer,
And that it will last throughout the year.

Christmas is a time to over drink & eat,
Stop if you can no longer see your feet.
Our love is sent to you every day,
The miles will not keep it at bay.

We hope you like our poem to you,
And it will cheer you the whole year through!!

This post was submitted by Kim.

My Mother

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There is a woman i aspire to be,
So gentle, kind and honest is she.
She thinks of others before herself,
She has a loving family but sadly no wealth.

Shes graceful, funny and intelligent too,
Loving and kind but sometimes blue.
She tries to always look for the silver lining,
Even when the sun isn’t shining.

Shes raised 3 kids whilst having a career,
A heavy feat, without showing fear.
She advises and listens to our woes,
She helps us rise above our foes.

My mother is the lady i speak about,
Shes one of her kind, there is no doubt.

This post was submitted by Kim.

Love Is A Powerful Disease

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Love is like a shot gun
you get blown away then
get right back up and try again
love is a powerful disease
that once you have it
you can’t get rid of it
you can find lairs, cheaters, players
and user, so like i said
” love is like a powerful disease
that once you have it you can’t get rid
of it.”

This post was submitted by keara-leigh adams.

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