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Silent in The Shadows

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Far away in the corner, away from ones sight
As the moon rises into the night,
Shadowed by the dark, silenced by the breeze
Tucked far beneath the branches of the flowing trees.

Huddled, cold and hungry she waits
Not knowing what” will be her fate,
She knows it’s a struggle to just stay alive
All she wants is to be happy, hopeful and thrive.

She whispers to god and waits in silence
For the answers she desperately seeks.
Slightly battered confined to a small space,
She knows she must find a safer place.

Till then she’ll stay…
Far away in a corner, away from ones sight
As the moon rises into the night.
Shadowed by the dark
Silenced by the breeze, she waits
And weeps….

This post was submitted by Judy Strelek.


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The summers over old friends have moved on
They’ve found new places to carry on,
The falls wind will bring new change,
To bring new perspectives and to rearrange.

The winter season will draw them near
But only for a short while dear,
Then forward again to their new live,
Some finding husbands, mates, or wives.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the past
When people believe it will always last.
Maybe in spring you will meet for a day,
Talk of old times the quietly slip away.

No matter how much time passes through the years
Or how much the seasons change,
You’ll always have your memories,
To bring you back again….

This post was submitted by Judy Strelek.

My Cuppy Cake

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As morning, Sun. Moon n Lake.
Your love is true, not a Fake.
As each n every breath I Take.
You are precious, my jewel Babe.
You are sweet, my cuppy Cake.
Love u more, is what u make.

This post was submitted by Hawwa Zahira.

Life Is A Dream

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Life is a dream,
It could be a nightmare,
It could be a reverie.
It i control,
For no one else can.

Life is a dream,
When is begins
It seems only as a vision,
And grows into a fantasy.
The beginning years of life,
Can be a breeze.
Only ’cause these are dreams
You cannot see.

Life is a dream,
It eventually ends.
After you’ve gone through
Think and thin.
From nightmares
To a harmless dream.
You see a light
And nothing more…
Life is a dream.

This post was submitted by Alyssa DeMasco.

Looking Out My Window

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When I look out my window at the wonders of our land,
I find it very difficult and hard to understand.
Some people say there is no God and others they agree,
when they look out there windows I wonder what they see.

I see a bright sun shining in a sky of azure blue
and down across the earth it casts it’s rainbow hue.

Wild flowers in the meadow nod as if to say hello
to mountains in the distance capped with spring’s last snow.

Over there a little brook runs merrily along
while up in our old oak tree a robin sings his song.

I hear the laughter of my children as they run about in play
and I know that only God could have made this perfect day.

This post was submitted by Beverly Snyder.

The Truth

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You don’t know me,
you may think you do;
but all you know is what you see,
because i’m afraid to show you.
you will never understand,
because when i try to explain;
i just cover my mouth with my hand,
and hope you can’t see my pain.
i’m afraid you won’t like what i say,
or that you won’t even care;
then you’ll just walk away,
and i’ll just stand there.
i want you to know,
why whenever i see you;
i can feel my heart glow,
but then i realize you have no clue.
how much love is inside,
how much pain you can’t see;
because all my feelings i try to hide,
because i know you really don’t love me.

This post was submitted by Katie Davidson.

Faith in the Stars

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Looking around,
trying to find a place;
never making a sound,
while I try to find your face.
If I were smarter,
I’d know where you are;
everyday I look harder,
hoping you’re not that far.
I don’t even know what I’ll say,
when I do find you;
I think about it everyday,
but there’s always something new.
I may not know who you are,
or where you come from;
but when I look at the stars,
my heart always goes numb.
I know I may be a fool,
but I take it as a sign;
that when I find you,
everything will be fine.

This post was submitted by Katie Davidson.

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