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I sit in the shadows of the day crying out a broken window.
A shard of glass produces blood from my left wrist,
Though it doesn’t stop the pain in my mist.
My heart longs for your sweet lips pressed against mine,
And your gentle touch that drives me crazy every time.
I wish upon a shooting star to go back,
I wouldn’t have done those things and you wouldn’t have to pack.
But I know I’ll never have the chance to,
And if it means anything – I love you.

This post was submitted by Jacqueline Bayer.

Love Always

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Shared or alone it doesn’t matter
As long as you’re here with me
I will never envy your presence
It’s your energy I will always need
Sunset to dawn,season to season,
yet you never change
You are everything
You sustain unjust mortal gain
If I were to leave you’d follow me,
I wouldn’t complain
Pour it on me like rain,
Sunshine pumps through my veins
No pain when I’m cut,
Blood is red to remind us
Love is you,Love is them,
Love lives everywhere
Even when I don’t care,
I can always count on Love to be there.

This post was submitted by Shontel Harris.

When You Go

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When you go…

You take with you a piece of my life, my heart,
And although my heart was broken it will heal,
And although a piece of my life is forever gone,
I will still have memories….
Memories of the love, the hope, the caring,
Of our family as it was and will never be again.
Please remember…

When you go…

You take with you a piece of me,
Of something that was willingly shared,
A part that was given to you,
So that we could be more together than we could be alone,
Please cherish it…

When you go…

The hole in my heart will heal,
The scar will form,
The pain will subside,
And I will be whole again…
Please let it be…

When you go…

I will not forget,
Our time, the love,
The innocence of a new marriage, a new family,
Please do not forget this…

This post was submitted by B Stephen Forshay.

Heart Betrayed

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Of all the people i trusted
Your the one I know who will not betray my trust;
Of all the people i cared for
Your the one I know who will not forsake me;
And,of all the people
I know you can understand me the most;

Where are you when i needed you the most?
Where are you when i needed someone to talk to?
Where are you, in those times when i needed someone to talk to?
Why did you left me behind??!

This post was submitted by April grace.

lOvE iS nOt EaSy…

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Love is not easy
Love is when u give everything still find it less and u wonder Why
Love is when u w8 from that special sm1 a simple hi
Love is when u r afraid to say Good Bye
Love is in the time u w8 for someone
Love is when you find sm1 for whom u wish to Die
Love is when ur tears can be stopped only by that person who made u CRY
Love is Eternal Sometimes Dark, Sometimes Bright
Love is like an ocean..
Ocean of feelings
So huge So wide
Love is PAIN
Love is SMILE

This post was submitted by SHALU.

Just let it be you

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Let the world see your smile
let it be like a playful child
the glory will run like a story
why dont just do just anything for him.
let the light shine
and you will blind
just like time
do its magical bind
you will see
a person that you will be
for the light shall be seen
but just dont forget who you’ve been.
let life be your life
not someone else no matter the in spite.

This post was submitted by Theresa.


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The small things of Life
are what we should treasure
Like making a snowman
oh what a pleasure

The dimple on a babies face
A ride in a cart
Jumping in leaves
All the homemade art

Some things we keep only in our mind
some things only on a chart
some things only in our computer
but the special ones we only keep in our heart.

This post was submitted by Holly.

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