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I Live For You

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I only live for you & your love.
My dream has come true…that is that you are in my life.
I know that you will love me for who I am.
Love me always and never leave me or else…..I’ll shatter.
I’ll be left into pieces & never be able to put my self together again!
But if you ever did leave…
i would never forget how much I loved you!
Your my love, my life, and my laughter.<3

This post was submitted by Manpreet.

The Same

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The first time i saw you i had no idea

Just another face in the crowd

We are the same

I know what your thinking

You know how i feel

We are the same

When i am hurt you comfort me

we harmonize perfectly

we are the same

I love you

you love me

we are the same.

This post was submitted by Kaytlin Westlake.

Lust is not a love

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What is love? A question asked too often and answered wrong
Love resides in all hearts and makes life feel like a beautiful song
When she comes my way a happy song plays all day
Then out of the blue the illusion of love breaks away
She says she does not love me and thinks of me as a friend
Life becomes empty and I think I have reached a dead end
Actually she loves somebody else the word friend is an excuse
Knowing the facts I become a recluse
I drink and smoke and do some dope
My life is now almost without any hope
I don’t see anything like love which is everlasting and pure
People change and evolve every day I am quite sure
So I keep moving on and cherish the moments shared
The sparks which never become a fire but I think she cared
I ask myself was it love or lust
I tried to save it before it got bust
This poem is getting naughty but it is the truth
In my quest for true love I have become uncouth
I move on and discover another spark flying out of the blue
I don’t know if this is my true love but I will give it a shot or two
I get termed as Casanova as another one bites the dust
I want my true love so I keep looking for it I think I must
There is nothing like true love if only I knew
I wouldn’t waste my life trying out with quite a few
Stop looking for love and always feel nice
So all my friends please take this advice
Lust is not love but a temptation too hard to resist
Stop this lusty search for love as it does not exist.

This post was submitted by Kanwaljit Nagpal (Prince).

Blind, Deaf and Dumb

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Blind, deaf and dumb is a saying I use to describe you now.
Blind because you couldn’t see the pain it caused in my heart.
Blind because you failed to notice her feelings that tore us apart.
Deaf because you would never listen as I tried to explain.
Deaf only when it came to me and my pain.
Dumb for not working out what was happening in front of you.
Dumb for pushing the one away whose love for you was always true.
Hurt, broken and lost is a saying that’s used to describe me now.

This post was submitted by Jacqueline Bayer.

I Am Leaving You

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Who are you to say that i won’t find another,
another that don’t act like you thinking you my mother,
yeah right you should chill and pump your breaks,
cuz when i’m gone all is left is your heart aches,
yeah we been through some years i know,
but i never thought you would stoop so low,
wow thats a laugh even in the funny pages,
cuz the next man wont be so nice,
maybe he will have you swinging from cages ,
for now im packing all my things,
you can throw love away even the wedding ring..,
oops..pawn shop you kinda had that coming,
and you think im running ,
no im leave you for something new for a whole new,
world that you didnt know that was in front of you.

This post was submitted by jermaine smith.

My last cheerio

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Todays the day I must say goodbye
I do this with a tear’s in my eye
I have loved my time spent with you
But now its my time
There’s something I must do
That’s to start on a new road
Its been mapped out for me
I now go with God
That’s the way it should be
I was on loan for only a short while
When you think of me
Don’t frown just smile

Talk of me often as I know you will
Don’t be too upset life goes on
It always will
The next part of my travels
And the awesome sights I see
I am not alone don’t worry
For my God is travelling with me
So now I must be on my way
Here is my last cheerio,
To you all today
I will see you again for I’m waiting here
To welcome you with open arms
When your time is near.

This post was submitted by Jean Charles Laws.


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My heart and Soul is just for u,
How shall I say I LOVE YOU.
The very first day of ur sight,
My eyes could not blink and face became bright,
My life sprinkled with candle of light .
Then I realised that u for me and me for u,
How shall I say I LOVE U .

This post was submitted by ANAMIKA CHAUHAN.

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