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The darkness is overwhelming me.
Every time I see your face I feel like I’m
Invisible why? Because you cause my
Heart to shatter in many pieces.
Why are there so many pains?
I lost all my respect to you.
You can’t gain the respect back.
I’m so over you, your time is up.
You broke my heart the first time, its over
No second chances.

This poem was written/submitted by Alicia.

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Waking up in the morning,
The birds are whispering their loving calls,
The sun rises within our world,
You watch it as it falls.

Two doves flying in perfect harmony,
As if they were meant to be,
Holding your hand so close to mine,
The way we sing in perfect key

Staring into your eyes I’m lost,
In a world of pure beauty without fear,
We fit together in perfect rhyme,
I can’t believe I’m really here.

A soul as pure as yours,
Forever deserves to be happy,
And I truly do believe
That we were meant to be.

This poem was written/submitted by Ian Rollins.

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You’ll never see the tears I cry,
I’m broken,
I hold it inside.
you’re with him,
but I wish you were mine.
…if you’d give me the chance
I’d show you the love
that only WE could define
it’s hopeless,
yet I can’t get you off my mind
my heart is open,
but with each beat I’m dying
i can’t look at you now
cause you’re the reason I’m crying.

This poem was written/submitted by Cydney.

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I came in This World, with a “Cry…”
Made myself able, for many Try…
When i saw you first time…
I Know I am just for you…
Asked to so many others “Why…?”
Some one said Its a True Love, some said Dont to “Try…”
When I search, I found you are my “Sky…”
may be you are away from me on “High…”
I trust you that you will never say “Bye…”
And after looking deep in your “eye..”
I just found my Why, and I found My “Why…”

This poem was written/submitted by Abhijit s. chavhan.

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He smiles when he feels uneasy
He moves when he is stressed
I fell in love with this stranger
His kiss I’ll never forget
He held me through my tears
He sent me away before he ‘died’
He learns his lessons the hard way
He was the reason I cried
I long to see his face
To feel his arms around me
But with him being a stranger
We will never be able to be
As we drive around town in silence
Our hearts always seem to meet
The smell of his presence causes me
To melt right at his feet
Addicted to the world
My stranger fights alone
With hugs like death is calling
He chills me to the bone
I love him so, to much I must confess
But speak of it I will not
These feelings must be suppressed…

This poem was written/submitted by leah.

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I’ve planned out every word i would say,
if we came face to face,
I’ve planned every answer i would say,
to every question you would ask,
I’ve thought of every response,
every step,
every song,
I’ve planned the first and last words i would say,
if only we cam face to face,
and if only i knew who you were,
for in every fairytale you have a new face,
one of a stranger i wish i knew.

This poem was written/submitted by Madison Mohr.

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Sometimes i feel like dying
but can’t stop living for they
say I mean the WORLD.

sometimes i feel like crying
but keep on smiling for they
say I am the HOPE.

sometimes i feel i am breaking
but still stand strong for they
say I am the STRENGTH.

sometimes i believe
there will come a day
a day that takes all my
worries and pain away
a day when laughter surrounds me
and everyone laughs along with me.

This poem was written/submitted by jaya.

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