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Breaking a heart

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Breaking a heart;
and a dear one to hurt
with reluctance we part
and our lives become a-part
destroying that which was
like dust whisked into oblivion
this part of life that has come to pass
when my dear we part.

Thus i wish you well
in this cruel world that we dwell
and if you do tell
of our love that fell
tarnish not our sweet days
leave but a clear page
that would continue at some stage

venture and seek life’s new
lull your heart with life’s joys to
be happy if you may
and brighten each of your days
with thoughts wild and free
and look ahead of what is to be

with an open heart i bid you farewell
i blessed you to, your days to be swell
and if things things turn out right
and another you find
you’ll know that in life
we have to let go at some point
lest the good ones pass us by-
thus make merry and enjoy your sweet days…
from my heart, this I do say.

This poem was written/submitted by erique2u.

The Hall

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He is in the hall
Always against the wall
Just waiting for that one thing
The one thing that will make him happy
Popular and amazing
He is always surrounded by his friends
Football players and many more
Everyone knows him
Girls want to date him
They all want their chance with him
But there is something missing
No one sees it
He is longing for the right girl
One he can not find among his normal crowd
He wants someone else
The girl that is in the hall
Always against the wall
Just waiting for some of his crowd to come her way
Wanting to do anything
He sees her again
He needs her
They are always in the hall
Always leaning against the wall
The most popular couple in school.

This poem was written/submitted by Vessie.

By Your Side

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By your side is where I’ll be
By your side if ever you need me
By your side through thick and thin
By your side to the very end
By your side since the first day we met
By your side with never one thought of regret
By your side if ever you were sick
By your side is where I stand quick
By your side till the end of days
By your side never willing to part ways
By your side if ever you might fall
By your side right through it all
By your side because I will never go
By your side is what I want you to know
By your side like I always said I’d be
By your side from now till eternity .

This poem was written/submitted by Kevin Barker.

I Wish You Were Mine

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I see you sitting across the room
with that favorite smile of mine on your face
but its not me your smiling at
there’s a beauty sitting rite next to you
and you so lost in your own fairy tale
with me bleeding on the outside
wishing you were mine
wishing i was the one you wanted and not her
but you don’t seem to be hearing
lost in your fairy tale
with me left behind to bleed.

This poem was written/submitted by mahima susan joseph .

In My Life

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There are times in my life
When i just want to cry
Just sit down relax
And look into the sky
Just wonder why
This happens to me .

This poem was written/submitted by alex hernandez .

“My Love 4 Him”

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A love like this I never felt
But when I see him my heart truly melts
The times we had, the times we shared
Are no where here and no where there
And now my heart is full of pain n despair
Which each of you I wanna share
Although I love him with all my heart
I had to think of me and break it apart
I know Im wrong for what i did
The experience felt like when we were kids
Real true friends we’ll always be
I wish you’ll open up and just see me
I want you truthfully in all do time
So I can say that puppy love was always mine
“Patience is a virtue” you always say
Just letting you know baby I m always stay!!!

This poem was written/submitted by Maria Cruz Castro.

How I Always Loved You

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You never left my heart , you always stayed
While I was walking. Going day by day.
Dreading the fact that you left ,
But while that was happening ,
You seemed deaf.
You acted like you couldn’t hear me ,

So you could go out with your friends to have a blast and party.
Now you want me back while my heart is healing.
I was building a bridge that now your peeling.
I can never stay away from you long enough ,
To gain back my trust for someone good enough.

You always seem to disappear ,
Leaving me to think your never going to be here.
I always watch others kiss ,
While I’m sitting here left to reminisce .
Why should I live in regret ,
Knowing that we were never going to be it ?

This poem was written/submitted by Haley Stanley.

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