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I hate you

DownUp -1

Days to remember, Days to forget.
Days to consume, and days to regret.
i lived life so full of joy,
but now it seems to all be destroyed.
So now i stand here staring.
and all you have to say is i don’t love you.
you broke my heart so many times,
your words filled with hate and lies.
I don’t want you to go away.
but all you do is make me change.
what a life
oh what a day.
now i got something i got to say.
this isn’t a joke it isn’t a game.
you make me mad
now you must pay.
I hate you so much.
you probably know that.
enough is enough
I’m never coming back.

This post was submitted by aby.

No Help

DownUp 0

My life so dramatic,
so hard to explain.
All the pain i go through,
on a day to day base.
If only you knew me,
you would understand.
That i dont need someone,
to lend me a hand.

This post was submitted by aby.

My Beauty

DownUp -1

Beauty like the butterfly is she
wings so vibrant so lovely to see.
the passion is in her laugh, her art.
look close to see so different so smart.
Graceful, soft & sweet… so nice,
Draws you in like a summer night.
Singing as sweet as tea,
do you hear… artfully.
Her beauty so graceful
radiant, full of life is she.
so look to the sky,
Beauty… that’s me.

This post was submitted by aby.


DownUp +1

Sometimes i look up in the sky,
hoping ill find a wonderful guy.
one who will love me for me,
never to judge and never just leave.
someone who will catch me when i fall,
and someone who loves it when i call.
i want this guy to never lie,
only to be himself.
just make a wish and close your eyes
and tell me what you felt.

This post was submitted by aby.


DownUp 0

Strange, I often catch myself
trying to watch my children grow,
though I know I really can’t.
But I can’t help trying
to spot the slightest change,
to unfurl their grown-up body,
curled up inside them.
I can tell my little girl, eleven now,
has left her child-like face behind,
her eyes point down more now
and her arms and legs have grown
ahead of her boyish torso.
Every day I take another
snapshot and file it away,
taking care not to bend
the corners down. But I know
I’ll never look them up again –
I won’t stop taking pictures anyway.

This post was submitted by David Herin.

Eight Candles

DownUp 0

Once we were told to learn, to love.
Care for each other, take the risk..
We search for answers beyond, above,
Even forgotten specified task…

We dream of living a new life.
A life that’s full of happiness,
A place I can call very much safe;
Far from the corner of bitterness…

I prayed incessantly and wait;
Hoping my dreams come true and see;
Fulfilling my very own portrait,
Building relationship that is free…

Unexpectedly, YOU came in,
Along the way, YOU shines brightly..
Your Spirit guides me to where I’ve been,
And captured my heart remarkably…

Your House full of encouragement.
I even discover Friendship,
Love to hear little children comment,
Singing praises to a heir Kingship…

You let your Word tell me your Name,
From a verse I read Almighty.
Considered Higher from Hall of Fame,
Even your Own qualities envied…

I came to search You far and wide.
Only to find You in my Heart..
How I wished I will never let You tired,
Speaking to me every day and night…

Saying “Thank You” is not enough.
Giving me “New Life” seems priceless.
My heart says, “I’m not giving up”..
Everlasting life; Your Words endless..

This post was submitted by Broken Symphony.

Taking a Stand

DownUp 0

Lets all grab a hand,
Together we will take a stand.
A stand to face our fears
And a stand to let them come near.
But don’t be afraid, be strong…
Let that feeling last long
Because together…We can make it as one
before we are all gone.
We are human…
We are soldiers…
And we are the war,
That is what we are here for.
To fight whatever comes our way
Until the next day.
But if you’re already down,
Just remember…Some of us are still around.
To help each other
or helping another,
Whether, it’s good or bad
or happy and sad…
We will make it through,
No matter what we do
Because we are human..
We are soldiers…
And we are the war,
That is what we are here for.
So lets all grab a hand,
And together we will take a stand.
A stand to face our fears,
And let them be near.
So lets all be strong
And it let it last long
Because together…we can make it as one
before we are all gone.
We are human…
We are soldiers…
And we are the war,
That is what we are here for.

This post was submitted by Amber.

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