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Right By Your Side….

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I once was here but now I’m gone
I wasn’t here for very long.
You held me close as if you know.
That some day soon I wouldn’t be with you.
No one knows why god called me that day.
But in his arms I now must stay.
But I’m still here right by your side
and in my heart I feel your pride.

I miss you all everyday
but in this place I now must stay.
But don’t feel sad as I’m not far
I’m in the wind the sun and that shining star.
So mummy and Daddy please
don’t cry as I’m always here right by your side.
Always with you !

This poem was written/submitted by Clare Page.

Fallen Angel

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I used to be a fearless angel,
With a halo and I could fly.
But you took my wings away.
So I cover my wounds and cry.
I try to take to the skies,
But my feet wont leave the ground.
Look at all of my tears.
As they glisens all around.
My life seems dim and cold.
As my arms reach out for you.
All alone in a darken corner.
With a heart so lonesome and blue.
Awake at morn, tears on my cheeks,
Screaming out your name.
I hate myself for everything.
Even though your the one to blame.
So I guess I’m a fallen angel,
With no where left to turn.
My once loving heart
In pain it starts to burn.

This poem was written/submitted by Marissa Sauceda.


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When you feel so down
Here I am can be you friend
When you’re alone & sad
Here I am , call me & I’ll be there

When the world brings you down
Here I am helping you to be strong
When you think all else fails
Here I am encouraging you

When nobody cares about you
Here I am taking care of you most
When everybody left your side
Here I am will never ever leave your side

Here I am always by your side
Here I am cares for you so much
Here I am loving you without hesistation
And here I am can be yours FOREVER

This poem was written/submitted by jelyn.

The Angel

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I saw an angel today,
she was looking so catchy in a multicolored dress,
her lips like real crystal,
her eyes a clear blue,
her nose a pointed carved monument
her hair a creamy honey brown.

she was walking down the road
like a model going down the cat walk
she wore a captivating smile
strong enough to bring down the ‘the carriers’
i stopped dead in my tracks, amused by this capitalistic being,
“what an angel” i thought, i wish i were her

This poem was written/submitted by lora.

Angel Eyes

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With a heart of gold, and a look so nice,
I met a girl who had angel eyes.
Her smile so precious like a jewel on a crown,
And her eyes so deep, in which many have drowned.

She looks so pure as the morning dew,
As the one’s blessed with her charm, in the world are few.
For once in life my hands you hold,
Trust me, we’ll overcome any odd, may how bold.

Your beauty alone is capable to create a fuss,
As an interesting part of fact and fables.
But please don’t devoid us,
From the pleasant charm of an angel.

“You’re so beautiful!”, how loud my heart cries out,
Divine as an angel without any doubt.

This poem was written/submitted by Dinesh K.


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We can see that you’re not happy,
We can see that you’re confused and sad,
We can see that you’re not the same kirah,
That we all once had.

What you’re doing is wrong
What you’re doing is bad,
We miss the old kirah,
And we want her back.

There is a monster deep inside,
Trying to beat you,
But you’ve got to be strong,
You have to break through.

I wish you could have seen the beauty,
That everyone else saw,
God made you in his image,
Which means you’re perfect,
The way you are.

Hunger is definitely not just a feeling,
Thinness is definitely not a skill,
You may not believe this now,
But in time you will.

One day you’ll look in the mirror
And accept what you see
You’ll stop looking at everyone else
And thinking that’s the way to be.

I know I’m not perfect,
I have a long way to go,
I really don’t care what they think of me
Because I’m not for show.

You should think the same,
Because there’s so much more to you,
You have the strength to control
Everything you do.

No one can make you get better,
Kirah, you have to want to,
You have to accept yourself,
And stop doing, what you do.

So much has already been damaged,
So much has already gone wrong,
You’ve found the road to recovery,
And it’s very long.

You have to believe in yourself,
You have to know you can do this,
You can’t give up,
I know you can do it. by, Kaylee Lenners

This poem was written/submitted by Kaylee Lenners.

It was you

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It was you who taught me who i really am,
you taught me what is real and made me see clearly,
now I’m breathing in the real world for the first time,
the only thing you never taught me was how horrible and cruel it could be,
and that i would have to do it without you.
I’ve become what I am because of you, it was all you,
All i wonder now is why i was so oblivious all along.

This poem was written/submitted by Elle Amelia .

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