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When I first met you,
I looked at you, you looked at me too
Our eyes met Our souls unite

When we broke apart,
I cried, you cried
I thought it was just nothing but deep inside it was just something

When we met again
My heart turned into pieces
Your hands are on her waist,
You smiled, she smiled

You don’t know how it feels
You cut me like a knife when you walk out of my life,
And now I’m in this condition and I got all the symptoms
Of a girl with a broken heart
And it’s all because of you…

This poem was written/submitted by evan mae pepito.

Broken Trust

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I smile quietly and hide my pain

Hoping I’ll never see you again

I was a game to you

I don’t why it never got through.

This mind of mine could never hold

The reason that I feel I’m growing old

You never did love me did you?

The girl with you, are you playing her too?

I was so stupid then, but now I can truly say

I’m not a game you can easily play

I’ll stay strong till the end

Hoping this heart will someday mend

No matter how much

I want your hold and touch

You broke my heart, and my trust

And all because you couldn’t contain your lust.

This poem was written/submitted by Angela Williams.

I Don’t Care

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Just forget about it,
I Don’t Care anymore.
You finished it,
You’re the one that caused my heart to be tore

I found someone different
But it’s not like you would care,
My heart has a dent,
Now it’s true, life isn’t fair.

This poem was written/submitted by Vanessa Wendel.


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I dreamed of a place I have never been
Ground was covered by the grass so green
Sky was painted bluer than blue
It was all different and made me feel brand new.

Its beauty I can’t compare
Everything in it seemed so fair
This was all I have waited for
A place that is worth to explore.

I’ve seen red roses with its color so deep
What a lovely flower for me to keep
But roses in my palm, I fell it down
Drops of blood dropped on the ground.

I thought that dream was hard to escape
In my deep sleep felt like I’m not gonna wake
Playful mind any dream you can create
Beware because dreams are hard to break.

That dream is like for real
Maybe it is connected to what I feel
Because in real life, I can’t deny the pain inside
The scar you have made, forever I cannot hide.

This poem was written/submitted by Juenessee Dona.

It’s Hard for Me

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You think this is easy
it is hard for me
when you calm me down
i know it,it ain’t gonna be easy
the reason i’m still here is because of you
but when you told me the bad news
it’s like a piece of me just gone
even it hurt me badly
but i’ll try my best to forget you

I won’t let you go
but i probably should
even it is not my willing
but you said so
you already took a piece of me
and it’s hard for me to fix it

When you broke my heart
i felt like there’s nothing
meant for me anymore
but it doesn’t matter anymore
cause you’ll just treat me like a piece of paper
i know i’m not like a shinny star
that shines under the moon light
but i need to let you know what i feel
how badly i’ll get hurt
it doesn’t matter anymore
cause you’ll never know.

This poem was written/submitted by Pan Yen Wah.

Raining tears

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The rain begins to fall,
Hiding my tears of despair and suffering,
My cries of pain reach no one,
I have let myself become alone.
To suffer alone.

My tears are shed for the boy
who betrayed my heart.
For that boy that used to love me,
But I still love him,
More than he could ever know.
My heart skips a beat
And my breath stumbles,
As my will to live weakens.

I fall back into the water
And the cold seeps into my skin,
making me cold;
Inside and out.

My heart a frozen wasteland.
My soul a devastated battlefield.
I fought a war that ended in blood,
My wrists dripping into the puddles,
Slowly, as my tears mix with the blood.

My heart was ripped to pieces,
A knife sticking out my back.
The damage too great to endure.
A fatal blow.
Mu every thought,
Still consumed by you.

Only now, instead of laughter and smiles,Grief,
Pain,Anger,Sorrow,Loneliness,And a broken will.

My wrists weep endless tears,
My heart throbs with undeniable pain.
My soul crumbling into dust.
You wee my life.
My reason for living.
My only tie to this dreadful,
And tragic world.

With every lie you spoke,
The stitches you helped to sew,
Snapped,Ripped,And frayed.

With every fake kiss and smile,
My soul sunk further into misery.
Every word spoken,
Every promise broken,
Brought pain and suffering back into my life.
You were the one to patch it all back together.
And now your the one tearing it apart.

I loved you from the beginning,
Even now,At the end,
I will continue to mourn my love for you.
Burning in hell,
Or flying in the heavens,
I will always love you.

This poem was written/submitted by Kat.

A Broken Heart

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A broken heart
Is like a shattered disk
With it’s glimmering shards
Scattered in all directions

A broken heart
Is like an empty can
Without it’s insides
All lost in darkness

A broken heart
Is like an unconscious man
With no soul
And nothing left behind

A broken heart
Is like a blank book
With no words
And no more meaning

A broken heart
Is like a man lost in his own dreams
With his emotions
Trapped in a vortex.

This poem was written/submitted by Justin Liang.

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