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Another Faded Promise

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Never have I felt so broken.
Never felt so far away.
You finally got me to snap,
Going day by day.
People tell me all the time
Love can never get in,
Unless it seaps through the wound
Where your heart has been broken.
My heart is open and bleeding,
That they say time will mend.
But they don’t seem to understand,
The scar lasts till the end.
Yet love still hasn’t found its way,
Into my lonesome heart.
It just keeps bleeding and teering,
Until it finally falls apart.
Why did you let me fall?
How could you let me down?
After you promised me
That you would always be around.
You just keep hurting me.
And to be completely honest
I fell like I’m nothing,
But another faded promise.

This post was submitted by Marissa Sauceda.

Without You

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I fell for you too many times
now there’s just too many fines.
Now I know things will never be the same
because to you I am so lame.

I didn’t want to get hurt by you
but I guess that’s all you like to do.
Now it’s time for me to go
and if you want me back i will say no.

You said this would last
but that lie went by too fast.
I guess my friends were right about you
I can’t take it now that my heart is in two.

I’m sick of all the games you play
now i’ll see you some other day.
I knew from the day we met
there were going to be things I can’t forget.

Just because I gave you my heart
doesn’t mean you can break it apart.
And now that all your games are through
I’d like to live my life without you!

This post was submitted by Emily Kelly.

I Miss The Person

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i didnt fall in love with you
i fell in love with the person you portrayed yourself as
the nice guy who said he was different from the rest
the one that could never love anohter the way you loved me
the one who said ill be there to wipe away all your tears
when in reality you were just on of the rest
so i dont miss you i miss the person i thought you were .

This post was submitted by cindy .

Dad what happened?

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I want you back with me.
But you just had to leave.
I went trough so much pain.
and suffer.

When you left me I felt like it was because of me.
We lost our special bond that day.
And i wonder if you even careed for me.

Dad, listen to me.
I wanted you in my life,
not the pain and scars.
If you were here i wouldnt have these wounds,
upon my wrist.

So please Dad, just leave me.
Before i finish the dead.

This post was submitted by A.

I Dream

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I dream of you and wonder where you are.
I bet you are a shining star.

I sit and think of you every day,
Oh how I wished you could have stayed.

Now you are gone and out of your pain.
For me it was a loss, but for you a gain.

I hope to see you in Heaven someday.
And in your arms I will lay.

This post was submitted by Jenifer Thurston.

Whatever it takes

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All that I have left are my memories
of a life filled with what ifs
what if we hadnt broken up
what if we were still together
what if we made it work

memories of sleep overs and all that
holding you closer than I could hold myself
I never wanted to let go
but you slipped through my fingers
coated in the butter of uncertainty

o, how I would do whatever it takes to have you back
to look at me one more time
not as an ex or as an enemy
not as some worst evil
just look at me one more time as your lover, your only other

find me in bed
i’ll be there every morning
find me in bed
i’ll be there every night

but promise me you’ll remember this
I would do whatever it takes
and the offer is never off the table
I love you
even if it kills me
cause you’re worth it

This post was submitted by Jeff.

Stole My Heart

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Why do I try to care so much?
To be thrown to the side

I have never turned an evil eye
To you then why do you do it to me?

I always said I love you
No matter what happens

You broke my heart once but
It keeps breaking with every new girl

How can you have a hold onto my
Heart that is this strong that my
Heart breaks every time

You are my sunshine in this dark and
Hateful world

My heart won’t stop
Breaking over you

Just end me now and take
My heart out of my body
So you can keep it forever

This post was submitted by Heidi Miller .

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