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What should I do
Is this love true
I sit here confused
Waiting for you to pull through

My heart is full of love
Why do I give it to you
When all you do is take it
And break it
Without regards to what you do

I wish you would understand
How I feel inside
But when I try to express to you
It’s like you’d rather die

I’m sitting here in the dark
Hoping for the light
To shine us
And make everything right

But love can’t mend itself
So I’m left reaching for the stars
Only to discover
Happiness for me is way too far

I only ask that you see me
Holding out my hands
Why can’t you take them
And lead me to the promise land

You say you try
Yet I’m still in tears
For I wouldn’t be crying
If Your love was here

I’m just left hoping for the day
When you pull through
And figure out that a true man
Is all i want from you.

This poem was written/submitted by Charlene.

I cannot say goodbye

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You are gone now,
But I am still here,
And as I recollect the sweet memories,
My eye sheds a tear.

I will miss you a lot,
That’s for sure.
For you were like the morning air,
So fresh and so pure.

You were like the sun rays,
That woke me each morning.
You were like my shadow,
Which would be with me till evening.

You were like sparkling water,
Transparent and clear.
I would see my reflection in you and smile,
But you are no more here.

You were like the setting sun,
Glowing red and bright.
But,you would return again as the moon,
Shinning high and white.

I see your face in the stars,
Smiling and so full of joy.
I will never forget you,
And “never say goodbye”.

This poem was written/submitted by Rahim.


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She stands still,
Feelings are burning inside…
Crying all night long,
The tears she tries to hide…!
He stands still,
No feelings, no emotions..,
Have nothing to say or do…
He knows nothing about what she’s going through…!
She stands still,
Afraid to breathe, afraid to move…
She knows well in both ways,
She will lose…!
He stands still,
Watching but not knowing,
How sad she is and broken…!
She stands still,
Knowing but not watching,
How he is moving on with words unspoken…!
She is so deep in, held in the past…
He has nothing to keep him there,
He knew that this love won’t last…!
So, she stands still,
In her own dreamland…
And he stands still,
Unreachable, and out of her hand…!
She stands still, he stands still…
A way far from each other
Forever apart,

This poem was written/submitted by Dara Asou.

Time to say goodbye

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Thought what we had was true
But I realized everything was about you
wanted everything your way
never cared about what I have to say
You don’t love me like you used to
I don’t trust you like I used to
I know that I should leave
and move on
But something is stopping me
I try to hold on
But i have nothing more to give
I did no wrong
It was you all along
I am gonna say goodbye
no tears in my eye
You’re gonna miss me
Wishing you can kiss me
Well its too late
I’m not gonna wait
You should of loved me right
You should of held on to me tight
But sorry you had your chance

This poem was written/submitted by Victoria A. Charles.

Raining tears

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The rain begins to fall,
Hiding my tears of despair and suffering,
My cries of pain reach no one,
I have let myself become alone.
To suffer alone.

My tears are shed for the boy
who betrayed my heart.
For that boy that used to love me,
But I still love him,
More than he could ever know.
My heart skips a beat
And my breath stumbles,
As my will to live weakens.

I fall back into the water
And the cold seeps into my skin,
making me cold;
Inside and out.

My heart a frozen wasteland.
My soul a devastated battlefield.
I fought a war that ended in blood,
My wrists dripping into the puddles,
Slowly, as my tears mix with the blood.

My heart was ripped to pieces,
A knife sticking out my back.
The damage too great to endure.
A fatal blow.
Mu every thought,
Still consumed by you.

Only now, instead of laughter and smiles,Grief,
Pain,Anger,Sorrow,Loneliness,And a broken will.

My wrists weep endless tears,
My heart throbs with undeniable pain.
My soul crumbling into dust.
You wee my life.
My reason for living.
My only tie to this dreadful,
And tragic world.

With every lie you spoke,
The stitches you helped to sew,
Snapped,Ripped,And frayed.

With every fake kiss and smile,
My soul sunk further into misery.
Every word spoken,
Every promise broken,
Brought pain and suffering back into my life.
You were the one to patch it all back together.
And now your the one tearing it apart.

I loved you from the beginning,
Even now,At the end,
I will continue to mourn my love for you.
Burning in hell,
Or flying in the heavens,
I will always love you.

This poem was written/submitted by Kat.

She Was The One and Only

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Tears are coming out of her face,
But all I can say is nothing…
Then she walks out,
I want to run after her….
But my legs aren’t moving,
I want to say sorry,
I wanna make up and cuddle,
I wanna tell her to come back,
But instead,
All I do is just sit there,
Two years have gone by,
I’ve dated many others,
But none are like her,
I see her sometimes,
In the halls of school,
At the mall,
We talk,
Other times we don’t,
I miss her can’t she see that?
I guess not,
I guess I get what was coming,
Cheating on her…
I love her, maybe that’s the last words I want to say to her,
Or is it can we get back together?
but i already know that answer,
i know she is moving on,
maybe it’s about time i do too,
but then i know i can’t,
’cause i know she was the one,
the only…

This poem was written/submitted by Serena.

A Broken Heart

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A broken heart
Is like a shattered disk
With it’s glimmering shards
Scattered in all directions

A broken heart
Is like an empty can
Without it’s insides
All lost in darkness

A broken heart
Is like an unconscious man
With no soul
And nothing left behind

A broken heart
Is like a blank book
With no words
And no more meaning

A broken heart
Is like a man lost in his own dreams
With his emotions
Trapped in a vortex.

This poem was written/submitted by Justin Liang.

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