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Set Me Free…

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Eyes of Stone
Heart of Pain
You may not feel me again
And then I’m gone and you’re alone
But just until tomorrow comes
Then your broken heart will get filled
with all the love I felt for you
And all you hatred will turn to sadness
But lonly until you learn to let me go
And set my heart free.

This poem was written/submitted by Kelly Liebenberg.

Why he is gone

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Time goes by and life goes on
and i can only think about why he is gone
he left cuz of another girl
who walked right into his world
she acted as if she was a queen
and walked all over my hopes and my dream
which was to be with you forever and always
now i regret those 7 days
look at you now what goes around comes around
i bet now you feel bad for giving up what you had.

This poem was written/submitted by Jessica.


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So maybe things happen for a reason,
and I am sure there’s one for this time, too.
But if that’s true why can’t I seem to get over you?
Believe me I’ve tried,
but I’ve also cried.
More times than I can count
I fell for you to hard,
I guess i picked the wrong card.
The pain I feel is almost too real.
Do you even know what you put me through?
I bet you don’t
You never do.
This happened for a reason
I am still trying to figure it out.
I can’t say this is your fault
I guess it’s probably mine.
I am just not sure
why I go through this every time.
Give me my heart back,
All the pieces please.
Because you seem to break it just as often as I sneeze.
Love is like a puzzle,
The pieces only fit a certain way.
Let’s just say
I dont quite know yet
exactly where you go.

This poem was written/submitted by Chelsea Porshia<3.

Not You

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I am not a broken heart girl,
I’m just feeling lonely,
But not because of you.
You didn’t mean to hurt me,I know.
So don’t bother to think of me,
Cause it makes me feel so sick.
I know you didn’t mean to do those things,maybe.
But that’s really life is,
Our lives must go on,
In spite of the hurtful reality,
That you and me are not really meant to be.
So for now let’s just forget it already,
Cause it’s nnot really necessary.

This poem was written/submitted by syvel jay tanjusay silvestre.

Tell Me To Stop

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I don’t want to be alone in the night
I do like to stare at your eyes that’s so bright
But I can’t call you when I need someone to hold me
I can’t tell you how much I want you to like me

I just want to listen to all of your stories
I just watch you take all of the glories
But I can’t see you when you are here with me
I can’t feel you even if you’re just beside me

I would love to if you’ll just stay here with me
I dreamed of you wrapping your arms around me
I hope that you’ll just simply care for me
But you just don’t do coz you don’t really like me

I can’t let you make me feel this way
I now need to just simply walk away
But you are right there, so hard to let you go
My heart’s aching but I couldn’t let you know

This poem was written/submitted by Fiona.

After all this…

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My heart feels like its stopped beating.
The moment I saw you this is how I felt.
The first time you spoke my name.
I fell in love.
The day we shared are first kiss.
I thought my heart would explode.
I should have known it wouldn’t last.
You lied to me.
You cheated on me.
You stole my heart.
You broke my heart.
And then worst of all…
You smiled while you did it all…
The lying, cheating, stealing, and breaking my heart.
You smiled through it all…
The worst thing over all is I still love you.
I always have and always will…
I just can’t seem to let go..
Even after all this…
I still can’t let you go…
I love you…

This poem was written/submitted by Tina Elizabeth.


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Love not returned is
A heart unfulfilled

A large jagged pill
That dissolves my will

My will to love , my will to care,
my will to live ,This just ain’t fair.

I’ve given you all I am
I have no more

This pill has gone deep
Into my core

Eating away this soul once bright
Full of light


Now hollowed and emptied
I remember the promise I once made,
made to myself

The promise never to love
a love unreturned

Here I am, standing before you
Sanity fleeting, chest barely beating

My heart now churns with anger hate and despair
Keep telling myself “I no longer care”

Hard to believe with feelings so strong
Why are we here, all this is wrong

This love this bond has gone up in smoke
All I am now is BROKE!!!.

This poem was written/submitted by The O.

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