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Another Day

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Another day, another memory
Another tear, another testimony
My heart breaks into a scream
I can tell its just another dream.

The dark lights, The monsters and the silence
My mistakes challenge me. The ambiance
chases after me as time hides the scars
which will not be erased because it mars.

Regret. How long have i been
clothed in it? The God who is not seen
should please turn away from the blood on my hand
while i bury my shame under a pile of sand.

My sins laugh at me. Another day is here
Another tear. The hurt is still near.

This post was submitted by Adesuwa Omeyimi Okoyomon.

You Promissed Me Forever !

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I don’t know were we stand , or what we even are . .
I don’t know what to do , were to finish or how to start ,
The time that we have spent i cherish every day ,
But what hurts me the most is that you couldn’t stay ,
You came to be my first my one and only,
Now I’m sitting in this room crying and lonely,
You Promised me forever ! you even took my heart <3 You told me you'll place it in a safe ,and you won't break it apart . It's crazy how you lie , you just sit there and lie , You broke my heart in half ,you ripped me up inside , But with each and every tear ,and each and every lie, I won't stop loving you even then i tried .

This post was submitted by Shailyn Odalys Hernandez.

Four Words

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Four words come to mind
When I think of you:
Tear, fear, hope,
And love so dear.

Tonight was the night
Every dream crashed down.
A problem I caused
Rendered a frown.

For those above me,
Everything that I’ve done
Ashamed them.
Respect I have not won.

However, I may gain
Our relationship again by
Putting aside wrong.
Even so, I will try.

Love is not an emotion
Our hearts soon forget.
Very easily though,
Even love can be bent.

I love you with my whole heart,
And therefore, I will try
To right every wrong
As the morrow is nigh.

This post was submitted by Charlotte Grace Harity.

I Never Knew

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I never knew much I cared for you
Until you stopped caring for me,
I never thought how heart-breaking
The letter ’d’ could be
From ‘I love you’ to ‘I loved you’
In such a sharp, short time
But I’ll keep strong my memories
Of the glory days you were mine

I can’t make any more promises
That I’ll always be here for you
I don’t know what the future holds
Or whatever we will do
But as we both go forward
Let’s do it with a smile
I’ll never forget you my darling
For all your sweet loving and style,

This post was submitted by Simonth13.

A Foolish Heart… A Wise Mind

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A heart that beats all the time…
A mind thinks.. guess that’s the biggest crime..

A heart which feels the smell of your hair…
A mind which says ‘Hey that’s not really fair!’

A heart which waits all night for your call…
A mind which says you wouldn’t call at all…

A heart which says that I love you…
A mind says ‘May be it is not so true’

A heart loves you blindly with no eyes…
A mind can be cunning with a many surprise…

A heart would love selfless like a every day duty…
A mind would just say in words ‘Oh, What a Beauty!’

A heart melted I write on Facebook…
A mind says lets have another look…

A heart which is strong could survive all the floods and storms…
A mind as sick as it is would decay with sinful worms

A heart once lost could never be fetched…
A mind set to be narrow can never be stretched…

A heart is precious and hard to hold…
A mind has lots in it which is unsaid and untold…

The memories I carry in my heart and my mind…
A foolish heart… A wise mind!

This post was submitted by Raiton Menezes.

Always Love You

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I told you to stop,
But Maybe you could not..

I looked at you with eyes full of pain,
But maybe you could not understand the unsaid pool of rain.

I thought my silence would do the trick,
But maybe you could not break the unspoken wall of brick.

I tried to show you anger,’
But maybe you could not decipher.

My soul lays battered by the ache given by you,
And I hereby give up all the hope I had in you.

Now is the time to bid you Adieu,
But Maybe I will always love you.

This post was submitted by Garima Jain.

Broken Beauty

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We had everything we ever wanted
lying right there in our wake
Life had other plans
We watched it start to break

The sun no longer has a spark
The stars refuse to shine
The moon falls behind the clouds
Birds singing out of time

We used to lay side-by-side
Staring into each others eyes
everything felt like a dream
we gazed into the night sky

Look me in the eye and say
Why am I behind closed doors
you’re still my entire world
But I’m no longer yours.

This post was submitted by Ian Rollins.

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