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That mistake I made

DownUp +48

I was confused inside
Not knowing what I wanted out of life
I was wrong in the choice I made
Wish I could take back the hurtful things said

I should have listened to me
Not the stupid people talking
I should have known myself
Before opening the door and walking

I now I miss you more then I thought
And I know we’re still close friends
But in a way, that hurts even more
Because when I see you all I want to do is kiss you

I tried pleading to get you back
But all you said was no
You told me you need more time
But how long will that drag on?

I realize I hurt you
And you probably want other girls
But please don’t forget the one
Who still wants your heart to be hers

Though I know I messed up too bad
And I just have to accept that
I still wish you could call me “baby”
And talk to me until four in the morning

I let my pain out, though it is not fair
I brought this upon myself
And now my tears still show how much I care
Though we will never be the same

Because of me.

This post was submitted by Sydney.

You Said…

DownUp +57

You Said you would care
You Said you would be there
You Said I was your number one
You Said you’re done.

I feel like crying
I feel like dying

Why would you do that to me?
Why push me away?

You Said, “I promise.”
You Said, “I can’t do this.”
You Said, “Goodbye.”
I said, “Go die!”


This post was submitted by Amber Renee Carrales.

Don’t no more

DownUp +82

Don’t lay near me – I don’t want to lay with you no more….
Don’t come near me – I don’t want you to hurt me no more….
Don’t speak to me – I have nothing left to say no more….
Don’t be with me – I don’t want to be with you no more….

This post was submitted by Narelle Turkkan.


DownUp +171

You were the key to my heart
you were the ray of light in the dark
you were everything I needed in life.

It was easy loving you
But it’s hard forgetting you
I don’t remember feeling this empty
Don’t remember you being so angry

I thought we were always going to be together
Thought we were meant to be forever
My heart has been locked once again
Locked into a box just like back then

I couldn’t breathe without you
Couldn’t move without you
Couldn’t see without you
Couldn’t fall asleep without dreaming of you

But it’s time for me to move on
I will no longer be your pawn
Because our love has died,
Just let me say,

This post was submitted by Sara.

I Wish

DownUp +51

I wish I never asked you
I wish I didn’t wait for a reply
I wish there was something that I could do
To help me not cry
I lost you as a friend
Which I wish that in time it can maybe mend
I thought you might have liked me
I thought you really did see
That there really could have bee something there
Something more than just another teen
There’s someone here to say “I love you.”

This post was submitted by Sadie.


DownUp +41

What a life I had when your on my side
Sharing happy thoughts,laughing together
And the things I can never forget
Are the happy moments we have shared
Hope you can remember
All the days that we were together

To say goodbye is the hardest thing to do
Cause our memories etched deeply in my heart
But there’s nothing I can do
Is to go even if it hurts
Yet the thought of u will never be forgotten.

Memories so sweet to remember
It lingers in my heart and in my mind
For it’s the only lasting reason
That holds you dear forever
I’ll be back,wish we could be together….

This post was submitted by Meg Donna R. Aba-a.

Our love was fake

DownUp +91

Every time I close my eyes
I’m brought back to that day
The day it all began
The day you took me away
I’ve been in a fantasy world ever since

And I never wanted to loose you
I never thought our “love” would fade

But those words they hurt so bad.
That we could never be the same
But I know now our “love” was fake

This post was submitted by Kass.

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