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Where were you

DownUp +68

There was a time in my life when I needed you, but you weren’t there.
A time in my life when I felt as if no-one did care.
I was alone, depressed, and in desperate need of someone to love.
My life was in ruins; I’d just about had enough.

When I needed you the most of all, you were nowhere to be found.
I was chained by regrets; I was terminally bound.
Nothing in my life was as it had been before, it was different now.
Everything difficult, as I wiped my brow.

I called for you. Yet I never heard your reply.
You never came for me, I don’t understand why.
I was there for you, when you needed me.
Why can’t you do the same and set me free.

My body ached for your presence to be around my side.
But you never were, you choose to hide.
As life for me weakened, and your pride grew strong,
I realized that when I chose you, I’d been wrong.

All this time I spent thinking about you was a total waste.
I just wish I would of known before I’d sampled evil taste.
Misinterpretations of you, fully clouded my mind.
The memories I made with you, I’ll easily leave behind.

You’re just a nice body, with a pretty little face.
Nothing more, except for shame and disgrace.
I once thought that you were the one.
But how quickly dreams fade as trust comes undone.

What’s done is done. And what’s past is in the past.
Nothing can be changed now, my heart has been trashed.
There was a time I loved you so very much.
Now I cringed at your voice, and most especially your touch.

Dead, gone, past away. It’s the way things must end.
The time has come, I’ve got my bags, I’m headed into the wind.
Though we once had a spark, it never made a flame.
So I’ll be leaving you, and we will never be the same.

This post was submitted by blake.

First Kiss

DownUp +25

You were my first kiss,
You’ll always be in my heart always,
The way you kissed me..
It just thrilled me.
I just wanted to be your Miss’s,
If I was I would have had those sweet kisses,
But you chose her not me.
So now I’m writing a poem about..
How much I miss you.

This post was submitted by lexi.

Glass & steel

DownUp +72

My heart is glass.
your heart is steal.
I sit alone, crying.
you sit alone, blank.
I try to be normal.
you don’t need effort.
I have cuts.
you have clean wrists.
I die of hurt.
you live with happiness.
I always cared.
you cared for your own.
I’m lost.
You’ve been found, by someone.
my heart is shattered.
Yours isn’t even dented.

This post was submitted by Courtney Criswell.

Before I Cry…

DownUp +21

I’mma miss the way you used to mess with me,
but at the same time I won’t.
I think that this is for the better, because we are to opposites.
Oh, no…. that’s not a tear, just let me be.

I cry, because I’m happy that we were once something special to each other.
But, our science class flirt, is over.
I’m sorry you don’t understand, but, we will find someone special in our future.
We’ll be happy for each other,
not sad, nor jealous.

Now, will you leave before my tears turn into sad tears, of remembering you & your loving ways, & I love you’s.
Don’t forget me, love.
But, also, never want me. Please?

This post was submitted by Courtney Criswell.

Not the same

DownUp +61

All the promises that you shattered
the pieces of my heart lay scattered
all around my messy room
You took our love, tore it in two
I let myself believe in you…

I’d need you now but you hurt me then
you took advantage of my bend
Now I’ll space myself away,
in your arms, I don’t want to stay
They hurt me more than words can say…

Laughed and danced around my room
loved you more than you ever knew
All the dreams I dreamed for us
destroyed by your filthy lust
I was so stupid to trust…

I trusted you with all my soul,
leaned on you to keep me whole
Two lovers against the world
You spun me around, made me twirl,
I was your girl…

The girl whose heart you ripped up, threw out,
the girl you didn’t think about
The girl you betrayed without a thought,
the girl who’s now forever lost
Thanks a lot…

Don’t wanna look at no more stars
I’m too blinded by the scars
Yet after this hurt you put me through,
I can’t help but still love you
Just not sure if i want to…

Now you say you need me back
Is this another sneak attack?
You tell me that you’ve really changed,
you’d never do that to me again
but this is my heart and I don’t play games…

Time goes by I can’t move on
Memories keep me up ’til dawn
Healing is blocked by all the pain
Can’t count on you to keep me sane
Told you I’d never be the same…

This post was submitted by Carmen Swain.

I Thought

DownUp +56

I thought you are the one,
who can make me smile.
I thought you are the person,
who can fill the emptiness inside of me…

I thought you will be the reason,
for me to more inspired and move on.
I thought you’re responsible enough,
to take care of me, love me tenderly…

I thought I can take it,
carry all this broken-hearted.
I thought I can deny this feeling,
that I still love you more than friends….

I thought I can still recover
from heartaches brought by your bitter words.
I thought I can forget you,
but I can’t, why a sudden change?

I thought…

This post was submitted by Broken Symphony.

Something cracked

DownUp +36

I heard your voice in the night
I thought I would hold on to you tight
You hurt me once
You hurt me twice
I never thought you would break my heart
I never thought you would break me apart
Our love should of meant more
You broke my heart and left through the door
You hurt me once
You hurt me twice
Never again will I feel this pain
I won’t let you walk all over me and there will be no shame!

This post was submitted by patricia hall.

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