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Without a single word…

DownUp +29

So this is final… So final.
Why did it have to end like this?
Leaving without a single word…
I don’t understand.

I don’t understand how you could do this to me.
I really didn’t deserve this.
All this heartache and pain…just because I really loved you.

Just one more chance was all I asked
even though I wasn’t the one doing anything wrong.

Suddenly theres tears everywhere…
Running down my face.
Nothing will be able to stop it,
because I realized that you left like the rain…
without a single word.

I don’t think my heart will ever heal or survive this tragedy,
because the memories of you and me will never fade away
and in my broken heart you will always be…

This post was submitted by Christelle Cordier.

Don’t let him Bring you Down

DownUp +50

Don’t let him bring you down,
the words he speaks are useless.
Let him suffer emotionally
as you pride yourself in what you have accomplished.
Don’t let him bring you down
and drown in his …own pool of self pity.
Stand up and remind yourself
that you are a strong woman
that don’t need his negative tongue lashing out at a beautiful day.
Don’t let him bring you down,
you deserve what he never gave
and could never give.
Look at yourself in the mirror
and accept the realization
that you don’t need a man,
not just an ordinary man
with mounds of drama
taller then himself.
Believe in yourself,
and stay true to what you deserve as an independent woman.
Look him the eye, laugh at his words,
don’t shed a tear, for he is not worth it.
Make him swallow his tongue
regret his poor decisions in his own life of remorse.
You stand their as beautiful as you are
and say, “I don’t need you”.
and smile your smile,
and walk you walk with more confidence
than you have ever had before.

This post was submitted by Michelle Barton.

Come Back My Love

DownUp +12

Never settle for what you have
If what you have isn’t right for you
When the time is right you will see
He was meant for me

It was plain to see
We weren’t meant to be
You’ve lost the key to the heart of me

And if it would be found
We will take leaps and bounds
To get to the mound without a sound

Once we reach to top
Lets never,ever stop
We will soak in the moment, like a mop
Until my heart has dropped

Never leave me. .

This post was submitted by nicole.

Please don’t leave me

DownUp +45

My heart hurts so much
I know that I’ve act stupid
When I see you far away
I wish that I could play cupid

I want you so badly
This is what I’m seeking
But so sadly
Your heart is somewhere leaking

If I go the distance
I’ll be right where I belong
Your existence
Is all that keeps me strong

Please don’t leave me
Maybe we will find a way
I know that I have hurt you
But please I want you to stay

This post was submitted by Chevalle.

Don’t leave me lonely

DownUp +40

Don’t leave me lonely,
after all that we’ve been through.
Don’t leave me crying,
Or thinking about you.
We both know I’m not that strong,
But I knew it was over all along.
Don’t leave me lonely,
after all the love we shared.
Don’t leave me thinking,
You never really cared.
Don’t leave me lonely.

This post was submitted by InLove14.


DownUp +11

But there’d still
Be too much left
to say
left to write
left to know.

Fake me out
But I’ll still
Know the truth hidden
in your mind
in your heart.

Flirt around
But your heart
Will slowly start
to crumble
to shatter
to break.

But I won’t
Listen to what you
what you think
that you want.

This post was submitted by Kristen.

Forever Broken Girl

DownUp +33

In the deep, green forest
All is silent.

Fierce thunder roars,
A storm close by.

A girl wanders alone
Beneath the blackened sky.

She whispers a soft song
Her love lost forever.

Like a raindrop
Silently shattering a lake
She is utterly and forever broken.

This post was submitted by Mats.

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