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I Don’t Care

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Just forget about it,
I Don’t Care anymore.
You finished it,
You’re the one that caused my heart to be tore

I found someone different
But it’s not like you would care,
My heart has a dent,
Now it’s true, life isn’t fair.

This poem was written/submitted by Vanessa Wendel.

The Break Up Truth…

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I loved you, but you didn’t appreciate me,
You had my heart, the lock and the key.

You should have handled me with more respect and care,
But the damage is done, too much to repair.

I deserved more than that, I deserved the best,
And not a man who will put me behind the rest.

I will miss our good times, our laughs and your kiss,
But I am stronger than you think, so remember this.

It’s true that I will cry over you for a while,
But I will move on without you and once again smile.

You will look back and finally appreciate me,
But I won’t love you then, you wait and see.

This poem was written/submitted by Z .


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I dreamed of a place I have never been
Ground was covered by the grass so green
Sky was painted bluer than blue
It was all different and made me feel brand new.

Its beauty I can’t compare
Everything in it seemed so fair
This was all I have waited for
A place that is worth to explore.

I’ve seen red roses with its color so deep
What a lovely flower for me to keep
But roses in my palm, I fell it down
Drops of blood dropped on the ground.

I thought that dream was hard to escape
In my deep sleep felt like I’m not gonna wake
Playful mind any dream you can create
Beware because dreams are hard to break.

That dream is like for real
Maybe it is connected to what I feel
Because in real life, I can’t deny the pain inside
The scar you have made, forever I cannot hide.

This poem was written/submitted by Juenessee Dona.

I Will Miss

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Life is a river and love is the sea,
An ocean and creeks divide you and me.
As we float down the river of gray,
I love you is what i need you to say.
Ups and downs, twists and turns,
Life is a lesson of which we all learn.
Happy and sad, angry and blue,
I won’t spend my life waiting for you.
I’m a gem, I’m a jewel, a real precious find,
One day you’ll learn I’m one of a kind.
Take me today, here as I am,
Take me today please be my man.
I just need a step, one more up in life,
Saying that one day I may be your wife.
The three words that you say are not what I need,
Upon our life’s path I want you to lead.
Without you I feel, all empty inside,
Our love is a coaster, a crazy park ride.
We share laughs, smiles and all sorts of bliss,
Sadly i know this is what i’ll miss.
Unless you can say you’ve made up you’re mind,
Our days together are desperately timed.
Until this day comes to pass in my life,
I’ll never become your true love and wife.

This poem was written/submitted by Katrina.

I’m still not over you

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You Don’t Know How Much I Loved You ..
You Were My Everything When I Knew You ..
My Heart Kept Beating When I First Saw You ..
I Just Can’t Live Without You ..
Cuz Actually I Was Lost Without You ..
We Had So Many Common Things ..
That I Just Can’t Get Over You ..
Your Eyes , Your Smile ..
The Messages We Sent ..
The Love We Had ..
People Said We Were Meant To Be ..
But They Didn’t Want Us To Be ..
Well , I Realized I Was A Fool To Listen To People!
Who Wanted Us Not To Be Together !
But I Wasn’t Even Sure If You Loved Me ..
Or Was It Only Messages !?
I Cried Over You Day & Night ..
Hoping That This Fight ..
Never Have Happened ! I Said Sorry
Too Late Hoping You Would Come Back To Me ..
Everybody Thought I Loved You For Your Looks ..
But I loved The Inner You .. Personality !
Everything .. I Wish I Had Told You This Before!
But Still I Wont Get A Chance To Tell You Now ..
It’s Really Hard Watching The One You Love ..
Love Someone Else ! But I Didn’t Know What To Do ..
You Got Over Me & Moved On ..
I Convinced My Self That I Moved On, too!
But From Inside Im Dying ..
When I Remember All The Time We Spent Together ..
The Calls & Everything , I Wished I Could Press
Re-Wind & Re-Do Everything In My Life ..
I Didn’t Think We Would Ever Break Up ..
Because Of The Chemistry We Had ..
I Dreamt Of You & Me Together ..
I Thought It Would Last Forever ..
But Now .. Im Trying To Move on ..
Because I Have To Do What’s Best For You & Me ..

This poem was written/submitted by doushi.

Always Be A Part Of Me

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Why did it have to be like this?
You’re the only one i ever miss.
I still remember our official first kiss.
Now that we’re not together, i dont know what im to do.
Life is gonna be extremely different without you.
I loved you everyday that ended in “Y”
From here, around the world and to the sky.
I guess to you our relationship didnt have the same feel.
I knew it was to good to be real.
I loved every moment we spent together,
But I thought you said “Baby, Forever”.
You dont know how hard this is gonna be for me.
I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
We got mad at and annoyed one another often,
But after a while, things would soften.
I said i wouldn’t cry in front of you,
But i just didnt know what else to do.
I took it as a stab in the heart,
But i gotta understand, we’ll never be apart.
You’ll always be a part of me,
No matter how hard it should be.
Maybe our love was just a myth,
But baby, we’re over and done with.

This poem was written/submitted by Brianda.

I Cry

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I’ve missed you so.
It’s only been a few hours though.
I’ve been crying since it happened.
You and me in an entrapment.
I cried when I read the message.
That officially departed us with depression.
I cried when you changed our song.
Because it meant that you’ve moved on.
I cried when i talk to your mother.
Only to find that you didn’t bother.
I cried when I told my grandma.
Mostly because shes there for me over all.
So tell me won’t you please.
How many tears have you cried for me?

This poem was written/submitted by Caitlyn Bauer.

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