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A Girl About Thirteen

DownUp +6

And there was a girl about thirteen.
She was not nice,
Nor was she mean.
She was quiet, and no one understood,
But there was a day,
When her shyness took over.
She meant this guy,
And he understood.
They became good friends,
They were always together,
And together forever ..
Him & her shall be.

This poem was written/submitted by kayler bear : ).


DownUp +15

A word to say, A word to hear
Even in Your Absence
I feel you near
Hope this relationship is strong
We will remain the same
Till the life goes on…

This poem was written/submitted by sumit.

Because that’s what friends do

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Ill tell you a secret, you’ll tell me yours,
We’ll comb for shells, along the sea shores.
I’ll paint your nails, you’ll do my hair,
We’ll talk about boys, without a care.

We’ll sing along, to our favorite tune,
You’ll dance like mad, And look like a loon.
You’ll pick out my outfit, for that special date,
Cover for me at school, whenever I am later

At Christmas time, You’ll buy me a gift,
When your mom doesn’t show up, I’ll give you a lift.
We’ll spend the Summer, laughing all day,
When the park is cold & wet, we’ll still stay.

When no one else will hang with you,
I’ll stay by your side, Because that’s what friends do

This poem was written/submitted by Kirsten.

Friends are the world

DownUp +5

Friends are just like angels, they protect you from badness,
They look after you when you are ill,
They listen to your problems,
They help you pay your bills,
They will always keep your secrets as you will always keep theirs,
but the one thing you must remember you will never get a better friend
than the person who helped you through your whole life and who helped you with your despairs
So look after your friends and then they will always look after you.

This poem was written/submitted by shayley moon.

We’ll always be friends

DownUp +12

From the day I got to know you,
I thought it through again that maybe,
you could be my very best friend
I mean we got along quite well,
and helped each other through the bad that happened to me,
and the bad that happened to you
You cry when i cry because you really care
and stuff like that has contributed to the friendship
that we’ve shared
I’ve been there for you and you’ve been there for me,
me and you understand stuff that no-one else would see
You’re like the moon and I’m like a star,
we back each other up if we’re close or if we’re far
So we’ll always be friends no matter what the case,
no matter if we go separate ways no matter what we face.

This poem was written/submitted by Demi.


DownUp +9

Friends are here for you when you need them,
There here for you when you’re sad and when you’re happy,
Through your ups and downs,
And when you’re having a hard time,

Friends are the one, who makes you feel special,
Who makes life a bit easier,
Who is there always through difficult times,

Friends have a bond that time cannot break,
It’s a chain that unites people together and makes friends, who they are,
A friend is someone you can count on,
A friend I know will care, love, and be there,

A friend you can depend on,
To fulfill your every need and
To be there to wipe away your tears,
Friends: the greatest thing to have,
A great accessory that’s always with you,

For now I will say thank you for everything,
For being there always,
Through the good and the bad,
You’ve helped me through everything and now to return the favor
You tell me what I should do??

This poem was written/submitted by Zana.

I’ll never forget you my friend

DownUp +5

Like fire to the flame
We stick together
I feed your fire when it dies
And you save mine from burning all that is known
I fill your glass with true happiness
As we share our feast of life
Thank you my friend
I will never forget you.

This poem was written/submitted by joel.

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