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DownUp -1

whenever i think of laughter
i always think of you
from everything you’ve done for me
to everything you do,

you always make me smile
you always help and share
even at the saddest moments
you always really care,

the world would go so horribly wrong
if you weren’t always there
though at times i have to help myself
which of course is only fair,

when i gaze into you’re friendly eyes
i always seem to see
gentleness and happiness
and a lot that means to me.

This poem was written/submitted by Jenny Dixon.


DownUp 0

Friends !

So many folk I have known in my life
sharing the sorrow the joy and the strife
chums at the school that I knew oh so well
who went off to war and in foreign fields fell
girls at the school who went on to dance
and some that I even took out to romance
family and friends that are scattered all over
who all sailed away from the white cliffs of Dover
pals that I knew in the pubs and the clubs
some now long gone to the sky up above
they shared our sorrow our joys and emotions
and rejoiced with us if we got promotion
I think of them often all the ones that I knew
In the army in wartime that bright happy crew
Where are they now I muse and I ponder
Are they alive are they dead I sit and I wonder
Their faces I see at times in my dreams
As I ponder the purpose of life and it’s schemes
Where have they gone all these men that I knew
Who served in the colours of the red white and blue
We all swore to write and to all keep in touch
But with all of those names it was really too much
For we all live our lives in our own present sphere
And socialise gladly with the folks who are here
Fond memories fade as the years they pass by
And some of the sadness can make us all cry
But the past is a memory fading too soon
And the morning of life has become afternoon
Then as we move on into the gentle twilight
Be prepared for the dark as we move into night
And as we sail undisturbed across life’s tranquil lake
We arise in the dawn as we then all awake
For with all of these friends that we all have known
It is soothing to know we are never alone

Tom 26/07/2003

This poem was written/submitted by Tom young.

My Friend

DownUp 0

I know i can trust this one person.
Even though we barely became freinds this year.
She someone thats completely cool.
People may talk crap but she doesn’t let that affect her.
She is quiet sometimes.
She could be outgoing if she wanted but she chooses to be herself.
Which makes her a great friend.
She is a true friend.
And her name is Yoly!

This poem was written/submitted by Tina.


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You never forget your first friends that you make.
My friends I knew back when have never left me .
I remember them back in the day .
The fun we would have while we were at play .
The countless times we would spend tell the sun would come to a end .
The secerts we share , the laughs , the tears .
I reember it all .

This poem was written/submitted by Jill Eberhart.


DownUp +19

You think you know someone but really you don’t.
You get so close to them and become best friends
After a while you get to see the real them.
You start getting in fights over stuff you never used to.
You start to not talk as much.
You don’t see each other anymore.
When you see them for the first time in a long time you only see a stranger.
A stranger I use to call my best friend.

This poem was written/submitted by Sirona Bohland.

Forever Friends

DownUp +35

Associates are just there,
and friends are with you everywhere.

When times are rough,
they tell you don’t give up.

If you don’t know what to do,
they will help you.

Never leave your side,
even when you try to hide.

They’ll be with you through it all,
and pick you up when you fall.

Laugh at the things you say even when it’s not funny,
while everybody stares like we’re dummies.

We may argue and fight,
but we’ll be talking the next night.

That’s when you know you know,
you friendship is tight.

And Every Thing Will Be Alright.

This poem was written/submitted by Monica Warren.

Every day

DownUp +9

Everyday you need your mates
to guide you through the broken gates
to make sure you’re okay
to help you on your way,

Everyday you need your friends
to help you follow all the trends
to fly you high when you are sad,
to cheer you up when you are mad,

Everyday you need your buddy
to clean you up when you are muddy
true friends will stay forever,
the two of us, you two will stay together

This poem was written/submitted by pindy.

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