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DownUp +34

We’ve been friends from the start
It’s always been you and I
I never want us to part
Never wanna tell you goodbye

We will have our fights
We will sometimes disagree
But in the end we’re alright
We’ll just let it be

You’re always there for me
I’ll always stand by you
You mean so much to me
I’ll show you that it’s true

Because we will always be best friends and forever sisters<3

This poem was written/submitted by Anna Beck.

DownUp +33

In the days when I felt really lonely and in fear,
I would sit in my room, looking out my window, to see my star so near.

In the total darkness, she would shine into my room,
filling my heart with the warmth and love that would cause even flowers to bloom.

Tears would immediately start rolling down my eyes,
for if it wasn’t for my star, I would have given up all my tries.

The presence of my star helps in erasing all my fears,
and I just pray that she will always be with me for everlasting years.

Not everyone might be as lucky as me for having a star as valuable as mine,
so I pray to God everyday to keep her safe and happy and to make sure that she is fine.

This star is so precious, she needed a name everyone could hear,
I named a star after you,
I called it my star, my angel, my Abeer.

This poem was written/submitted by Bushra.

DownUp +20

When you are falling,
and can’t save yourself
reach for the calling,
the calling of a friend.

When you are crying,
and can’t see an end
reach for the calling,
the calling of a friend.

When your world is ending,
and you can’t repent
reach for the calling,
the calling of a friend.

When you are dying,
don’t try to help
reach for the calling,
the calling of a friend.

This poem was written/submitted by Brittany Smith.

DownUp +78

As graduation looms
I fear the worst
I fear loss, I fear to forget
For through the years latter
You were my stone on which I could count
The shoulder on which I knew I could pour
Out my heart and soul
Knowing you would never stray

You were a friend
You have now become more
People have come and gone
But you have remained
I’m not the easiest person to deal with
The best person to ask advice of
I try, I try to be the best friend
The un-related sister

I may stumble.
I slip every now and again
But know, as we increase distance
and decrease time
I will forever remember
My best friend
I will forever cherish the times spent
I will stand here as long as you need

You are more than a friend
More than an acquaintance through four years
You are my sister
Part of my family
I only hope I am a part of yours

This poem was written/submitted by Sara.

DownUp +80

I don’t want to lose you,
because your nice to me
I don’t want to lose you,
because your the only boy i want to see

I love your eyes,
because their honey brown
I love that your here,
only because no ones around

No one around,
to steal you away
no one around,
to interrupt what I have to say

This poem was written/submitted by Asalyene.

DownUp +20

I may be a girl but I’m strong
I run far and fast
I know what’s right and wrong
My knowledge is vast

But I hold myself responsible
He is my soul, my life
I never thought it was possible
He’ll never even have to think about using a knife
For I’ll always be there

Because he is my friend, a brother
And I’m bound to protect him forever and always

This poem was written/submitted by Casie.

DownUp +54

There may be times when you’re feeling blue,
just to let you know, I’ll be there for you.
Through rain or shine or flood or drought,
I won’t let you down, you won’t have to doubt.
Whenever you need me to brighten your day,
I’ll be by your side to lighten your way.
You are my mate, my pal, my friend,
I’m just hoping we’ll be till the end.

This poem was written/submitted by Gidget.

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