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Drama called “life”

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No matter how hard a relationship breaks
People can never escape from falling again
Even if we try to stop back,
In the road of life we’ll meet someone again
It’s the circle of life that has so many ups and downs
The one who fights back can only survive
Never let go of feelings that makes “you”
Because life is too precious to be loose by one breakdown
Be strong,even with tears that are going to fall from your eyes
Since life doesn’t give second chances for you
To find the meaning of the lives……

This post was submitted by namrata gautam.

Good With The Bad

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You have to take the good with the bad,
smile when you’re sad,
love what you got
and remember what you had.
Always forgive but never forget,
learn from your mistakes but never regret,
people change,
things go wrong,
just remember life goes on.

This post was submitted by Esther.

A Letter to Boys from Girls

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Dear Boys,

We are girls made out of loveliness
We are maidens of beauty and compassion
We are extremely emotional
And just like you we need affection

We are courageous and strong
But we also feel afraid
We scream and chill more than you do
But the braveness doesn’t fade

The tears that cascade our faces
Are shadows of our souls
It reflects our true emotions
And the hardships of our roles

Our trust is fragile so please keep it
It can be broken easily
Please mean whatever you say
To avoid hurting us badly

We let you hug us, not because of your warmth
But because in your arms we feel secure
We let you kiss us, not because it taste good
But to prove that our love is pure

We are loyal and faithful
We forgive unconditionally
We may not be perfect in your eyes
But we can be the best that we can be

We don’t look good all the time
Sometimes we appeared to be ugly
But our real beauty is beyond compare
And it does not appear physically

We are trendy yet stubborn
We are clumsy and irrational
We just need you to understand
For every girl is phenomenal

We seek for care and attention
We believe in fantasies
We smile the sweetest smile
Though we are full of miseries

We are not possessions for you to keep
Rather, we are treasures to be cherish
For every girl has a heart
Where love can be unleash.

This post was submitted by Pink Butterfly.

Train your brain

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Train your brain,
don’t let it strain.
use it wise,
for doing things nice.
rain your thoughts ,
don’t drain your thoughts.

Train your brain,
so knowledge is gain.
brain is your friend,
change it to this friend.
Train your brain,
don’t let it strain.

This post was submitted by v.harish.

Everything Suffers Something

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Hear the rain, can you hear each drop sing its song of fright?
Look to the clouds, can you read the story of shame they tell?
Watch the lightning, can you see it dance the dance of death?
Listen to the thunder, can you hear the cry for help?
Feel the beautiful snow can you feel the pain it suffers?
See the the mighty trees, can you see the tears of sorrow?

This post was submitted by Bridgette.

I am …

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I am a believer with desires.
I wonder who are all the liars.
I hear the angels sing a song.
I see what life will bring along.
I want it good when it transpires.
I am a believer with desires.

I pretend I am an ocean wave.
I feel the love that someone gave.
I touch the hears of many others.
I worry what they tend to cover.
I cry when there are deniers.
I am a believer with desires.

I understand that people change.
I say what I want no matter how strange.
I dream about the Heaven above.
I try to cherish and to love.
I hope that God is lifted higher.
I am a believer with many desires.

This post was submitted by Danielle Bruno.

Their Future

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As I watch the ocean crash against the sand,
I wonder what has happened to this once beautiful land.
It used to be covered in grass of green,
And tree’s that grew ever so tall and lean.
Flowers grew everywhere ever so bright,
As they were kissed by the dew,
And warmed by the suns light.
The animals ran and played while the birds up above cheerfully sang
And every day at noon the church bells all rang.
There used to be whales that would jump happily out of the water
But that was long ago before the great slaughter.
As time went on and Man had only one need,
As he slipped away from hope
And grabbed onto greed.
Oil became the new money in which you could spend.
And whomever had it said they had none to lend.
From the Middle East to the Pacific Rim,
There were no smiles to see just an evil grin.
As wars escalated and talks broke down,
Oil wells burned turning blue skies to brown.
Buildings would crumble and crops would not grow,
As the ash and debris fell to earth ever so slow.
This is not the way we want it to end,
This is not the message to our youth we want to send.
The future’s not here its not yet set in stone,
But we must join together no one can do it alone.
I want our children’s children to have a future that’s bright,
With oceans of blue, green grass and glowing sunlight.
The future for them need not look so grim,
I think this war over resource and Energy we still can win.
We need to find alternatives now to bring victory at hand,
So we can hand down to those children this beautiful land.

This post was submitted by Jerry Duchene.

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