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Time can crawl by slowly,
Time can go real fast,
Time is something we all use – we have to make it last.
Save every second.
Ponder every hour.
Use your imagination,
Time is here and now.
I write with pen on paper – Words for all to read.
Once wasted – Time is ‘Never’
So use Time to succeed!

This post was submitted by Michael Andrew Dare.

Make An Effort

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Make an effort to do your best,
To be the best that you can be,
To be able to reach your highest potential,
And to do it at any degree.

What it will take is very hard work,
But you know it won’t be hard to do,
And you will then receive so many rewards,
That it will be all worth going through.

This post was submitted by Debbie Bongiovanni-Sharp.

Depths of Me

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I am as deep as the sea
Depths of me most can not see
Maybe if I stayed afloat
They’d see more clarity
Instead I choose to go deep
In places most would not speak
Not because they cant
They won’t, but
They will envy
Blocked dreams,false teams
Especially foggy,and empty
Surface see through
Unsure what to do
Fear has set with the tide
while I enjoy the wave’s ride
Satisfied in the depths of my life.

This post was submitted by Shontel Harris.

Stay Strong

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You Ask If I Still Love Him? The Answer Is No.

But If You Wanted The Truth, I’d Say ‘I Dont Know’.

Because I Did Love Him, That I Wont Deny.

Although Forgetting About Him, I Did Try.

I Was Strong, when He Put Me Through It All.

It’s Almost Like He Pushed Me, And Wanted Me To Fall.

I Stood Up, Through All Of The Pain.

I Never Gave In, To His Stupid Game’s.

I Smiled Through The Tear’s, Never Did I Cry.

Im Not Giving Him That Satisfaction To His Eye’s.

I Have My Dignity, In My Heart I Had Won.

From Trouble’s In My Life, I Will Never Run.

This post was submitted by Jessi.


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When you feel alone
feeling that there is no one
dnt hesitate to look up above

above the is a man who is always available
he is never too busy to hear your story
or to solve your problem
or to wipe your tears

any thing that is making your life hard
its just for a moment
we are going home
were there are no sorrows nor death and pain

just kneel down and look up above
there is a master who make impossibilities to be possible.

This post was submitted by Mgilane Yoliswa.

Make Everyday A Happy Day

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Be creative find a way
Find a way to enjoy your day
Each day is a unique day
Try to enjoy your day
No day is like another day
Your life is spent day after day
Never loose from your life a day
Try to enjoy your day everyday
Fill your life with life everyday
Fill your life fulfill your day
Meet new people
Learn new language
Do anything new
Make a little pray
Be happy be merry
Give a small help to somebody
Sing and dance
Nothing will be gray
Your life will be full of light
Full of colors
Be happy be merry
Make your day and everyday a happy day.

This post was submitted by nawal shehayeb daou.

For Every….

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For every up there is a down
For every smile there is a frown
For every right there is a wrong
For every weak there is a strong
For every truth there is a lie
For every low there is a high
For every shame there is conceit
For every envy there is deceit
For every comfort there is a pain
For every warrior there is a slain
For every cruel there is a kind
For every lost there is a find
For every tie there is a bound
For every silence there is a sound
For every doubt there is belief
For every anguish there is relief
For every cut there is a scar
For every was there is an are
For every happy there is despair
For every broken there is repair
For every nightmare there is a dream
For every solo there is a team
For every blindness there is a see
For every you there is a me.

This post was submitted by P Murphy.

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