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Little faith

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When moment seems unbearable,
And pain never leaves your door.
When tomorrow feels like trouble,
And you wish God would take your soul.
When you can’t sleep
And worries keep you awake.
Think about Him, you are not alone.
He bears a cross, to save you
You have a choice to follow
He promises not to leave you, until the end.
Just keep calling His name.
He loves you,
More than you’ll ever know.

This post was submitted by Rowena Napuli.

I Am A Dreamer

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I am a dreamer full of hope
I wonder why we all fear the end
I hear the cry’s of those in need
I see the light at the end of the tunnel,
even when it feels like it isn’t there
I want to see the world without pain and heartbreak
I am a dreamer full of hope

I pretend I am in high spirits
when really my world is crashing down on me
I feel the pain when we all suffer
I touch the clouds as I rise from the ground like a skyscraper
I worry that I will run out of faith
I cry for my father, who will never come home
I am a dreamer full of hope

I understand that time heals wounds
I say never give up, justice will come
I dream for peace in my family again
I try to shoot for the moon
and when I miss I am in the stars
I hope I will leave my mark on this earth
I am a dreamer full of hope.

This post was submitted by Anna .

Shine Your Own Light

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The journey is long,

for us to explore.

The ones that matter,

we should not ignore.

The hard times we encounter,

the moments of despair,

the darkness we experience,

will take us to where…

we need to go.

So, we can’t give up,

when we feel corrupt.

LIFE is a gift,

we should all embrace,

Step out of the darkness,

and do what’s right,

let the guiding light,

shine upon your face.

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

The Risk

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The winds may push you but,
the lights will guide you.
The storm may follow you but,
the sun will absorb you.
The risk may hurt you but,
the love will assure you that
it is better to fall then to not fall at all.

This post was submitted by kalynn Zavaglia.

How Blessed Are We

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How blessed are we just to be…
To be able to dream and make that dream come true.
It takes determination and will power,
strength and reassurance hour upon hour.
When the fire we possess
starts brewing inside,
it’s time to release
those inhibitions and pride.
And let our faith and divine grace
lead us toward that magical place
and allow us to continue
at our own precious pace.

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.


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Everybody has it
But only a few make use of it
It is as little as a mustard seed
But it grows into a giant tree
It is the voice inside of you
That urges you to do things
That are difficult
Even when others quit.

This post was submitted by Christabel.


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If when you awake in the morning
And the pain is still so great
You don’t even want to get out of bed
And face this evil world filled of hate
When it feels like everything in life goes wrong
And nothing you do is ever good enough or right
All you want to do is give up on it all
Just try harder and you will eventually see the light
You must strive to achieve greatness
To show everyone that you will win
Remembering every person who has put you down
And tries constantly to fill your would with pain
For every disappointment and times you’ve been let down
There will always be better moments and life will turn around
Everyone goes thru heartache and even feels pain
But only those who have true courage get up to try Again.

This post was submitted by megan.

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