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Is It That Simple?..

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If Everything Was Perfect
There Would Be Sunshine All The Time
If Everything Was Perfect;
There Would Be No Reason To Cry
If Everything Was Perfect;
Life Wouldn’t Be Such A Mystery
If LIFE Was Perfect
There Would Be No Tragedies.
If LOVE Was Simple;
People Would Last A Lifetime
If HAPPINESS Was perfect;
There Would Be No Reason Ta Frown.
If Every MOMENT Was Cherished;
There Would Be Many Things To Look Back On.
If Only People Would Understand
Not Everything Is Gonna Be Perfect.

This post was submitted by Brontay .

Appreciating The Smaller Things in life

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We sometimes think that because we don’t have everything,
Life’s not great,
There will always be times in life that we really enjoy and times we really hate,
We never seem to concentrate on the positive things we have achieved,
Only focusing on the times which we have been upset and deceived.

Too experience a bad life, is too know what its like to have nothing,
To work towards having something,
To dream of having everything.
Having only hope and faith to hold onto,

Us that are comfortable and have every thing we need,
We are full of selfishness and unnecessary greed,
Constantly criticizing the life that we share
We never appreciate the things that are there.

We should pray and say thanks for what we have day to day,
As tomorrow could be the day when these things may be taken away!

This post was submitted by Shaunna Akintunde.

Life like Rain

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Life is never everything we want.
Depressive like rain,
Dropping whenever, stopping when done.
Followed by sunshine and energy.

Sometimes it’s good and helps
Others it comes and leaves damage,
A big flood and/or little puddles.
Can be permenate or healing in time.

It’s memory making and worth it;s doing
Life sometimes is soft and warm,
But others,
Hard and cold.

This post was submitted by Kayla Parker.

A Way of Life

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I want a way of life where people are all the same
There is no such thing as a knife taken and made to blame
No tears are shed,
except the tears of joy
and evil words are not said
War is just a disagreement
and failure will be a disappointment,
there so we can rise.

When somebody dies
they’ll still be alive
just deep inside our hearts.

I want a way of life where we can be free.
I want a way of life where I can be me.

This post was submitted by Kim.


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Butterflies fluttering in my soul,
that’s how I feel
when I’m in control.
In control of my life, my love, my destiny.
A feeling of overwhelming bliss
and absolute happiness
that allows me to feel free.
Feel free as a bird,
soaring in the sky
with no obstacles in the way,
just a passion to live fully
another blessed day.

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.


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Life is like a flower.
A flower so delicate like a child.
Parents so careful with the flower not wanting to hurt it.

A flower that has fallen so many times before.
Trying to get on the right path.
Almost dieing but finally had got help.

Help for the parents had finally got on the right track.
Now the flower is prettier than ever.
Doing well and holding its gound not giving up what it believe’s in.

This post was submitted by Rachel Peters .

Wasted life

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Trying to reveal whats in side
because it’s becoming to hard to hide,
Searching for an out stretched hand
because your losing the ground on with u stand.
Trying to hold the those who are close
while fighting that internal host,
When the depressing thoughts start to sink in
that when you realized you’ve lost before it began.
Trying to learn from what needs to be taught
while knowing it’s all your fault,
By the time you font the way out, its to late
how could it be that this is your fate.
You never thought it would be this hard
so this affection had left you scared,
causing u to always be on your guard.
Finally coming to your resting bed
you realized it was all in your head,
So you gain the strength to try and stand
but it is DEATH who takes you by the hand.

This post was submitted by kyle garst.

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