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Life Is A Bottle

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I am thirsty
I cannot find the bottle
My life has always been like a battle
To get little water
I have to fight
Till the end of the night
No bottle to drink
A battle to live
Life is a bottle
Full of battles
Drink water sip by sip
Never ever let your bottle
Empty from water love and battle
Stay near the river.

This post was submitted by nawal shehayeb daou.

Life Pathway

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Life seems more meaningful,
When there is someone,
Holding your hand,
Walking beside you,
In your life pathway.

But, you tend to forget,
This life is for you to go through,
As he has his own battle,
To win over,
Each steps taken are yours,
Forming your future,
Solely yours, not his.

This post was submitted by Crystal Charm.

The Expiration Date

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There is a time in life, when everything must cease.
When life and it’s breaths disappear with rapid ease.
The things that were, like our dreams become deceased.
Each breathe we took, its usefulness we overlooked.
In truth we told each countless lie –
In thoughtlessness causing broken hearts to cry.
Told we were to live each day like it were our last
Instead we lived each day like blast
In spite, on friends we turned,
On immorality our bodies yearned.
The day, the hour, the age unknown
THe end, its woes and visions foretold
What becomes of man on that day?
What becomes of you on that day?
From dust we came, to dust we shall return;
The Expiration Date.

This post was submitted by Tracy.

The Cause for Silence

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Silence is a weapon,
silence is defense,
silence is there for when nothing makes sense.
It hurts,
it heals,
it shows more wisdom then it feels.
For the rich,
for the poor,
it teaches patience ever more.
So be silent,
be content,
have some time to repent,
because silence is golden and everyone needs a little bit of gold in their life.

This post was submitted by Dylan.


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Time passes us by so fast
Each time we blink our eyes, it becomes our past.
Time is running away like a freight train
Leaving behind on its tracks, sorrow and pain.

Time changes a healthy person into a frail human being
Leaving them limited in doing certain things.
Time changes the color of our hair
our skin is no longer smooth or fair

Time has a season for everything
A time to be born, a time to die, a time to weep and a time to sing.
Time robs us of our father or mother
sister or brother.

One day we will answer God’s final roll call
then time will end for us all.
One day the last breath will be drawn from you and I
As we softly whisper our last goodbye.

God created time at the beginning of creation
He will end it at the end of Revelation
For every child, woman and man
God holds time in the palm of his hand

Time changes our seasons each year
We adore each one so dear
Time changes the leaves on the trees
And the waves on the sea

If I could turn back the hand of time
There would not be any hate or crime
As children we were told
Time turns young into old

God will roll back the curtain of time one day
To show us our eternal home in its fine array
Time takes no holiday
It passes quickly by night and day.

This post was submitted by Steven M.Hilling .

New Start

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In this time of life there is a choice
but its taken over by this frantic noise
I’m surrounded by the melody of tiny voices
that are blocking all of my choices
i find myself in the middle of two roads taken apart
but i keep on walking thinking every step is a new start.

This post was submitted by Amica Theunissen.

The Wedding Boat

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Today you have stepped into your wedding boat
Sailing to a trip that God only knows
But He wants the two of you to know
That He is on board the way to show
All you have to do, is this,
Bring your compass into line with His.

Then He will show you how to love and how to share
How to forgive and how to care
How to be patient and share some kindness,
when storms of life brings spiritual blindness
Trust Him in everything, no matter how big
He is able to provide, that’s one of His gifts.

Never start your day with running and racing
Take time to read the Word, to pray and to praise Him
Fast if you must and seek God’s face
Then victory is yours and abundantly His grace
The windows of heaven, He will open up wide
And showers of blessings He will pour upon your lives.

When times of trouble are crossing your way,
Sing and rejoice in the Lord all day.
Yes, shout hallelujah, let the enemy know,
He is defeated and under your big toe
Stand on God’s promises, no matter what,
Let faith be your source, cause He’s worthy all that.

Dear couple in Christ, you see what I mean
If you do all these things, your life is at peace.
No need to panic with the Lord on board,
Cause He’ll keep your boat always on course
So focus on Him and not on men,
Then your sailing trip will have a happy end.

This post was submitted by Irene.

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