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I Wonder

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Everybody wants to go to heaven
Nobody wants to die

Everybody wants to get without any reason
Nobody wants to give without any reason

Everybody wants to be the center of attraction
Nobody wants to give a damn to other peron’s feelings

Everybody wants to stay ahead of people
Nobody wants to give it a thought for the purpose he is ahead of people smarter than him

I wonder if former is possible without the latter.

This post was submitted by Jagdeep.

We Are Blessed

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The love from above from which we are blessed,
and the blood and the body from which he tests.

The sky up high from which we are seen,
and the water and the creatures from which he cleans.

We are the generations that are to cast,
for the world, it may never last.

As we get older the world grows bolder,
and as we treat it, we can no longer see it.

As we see the world today, our peace grows stronger,
for the world will soon come to a “judgement day!”.

This post was submitted by Austin M..

Someone Said

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Oh! I’m old now or at least I feel I’m old.
But I don’t feel decrepit.
I don’t feel like losing any hold on life.
I don’t feel any less life in me.
I like being old.
Main struggle of life is over,
Having watched the fount of fiery life which served for that
The golden years have gone
But what if silvers years are shining
It’s a feeling of autumnal grace
No lamenting no worrying only feeling a bit changed,
Change for better not for worse,
Everything changes for good,
Don’t think to say me good bye early
I have the happiness that I have spent my youth cheerfully
Without much fever or fret of life
Full of activities what is in rife?
I have heard death is the end of life
The end of all the strife
But I have also heard end is the new beginning
And beginning is always fresh and serene
Lovely and charming, a welcome change,
Change needs a change in attitude
So I try to be jolly and not rough and rude.
Some one has rightly said, ‘add life to years
Don’t add years to life.’

This post was submitted by jyotipatil.


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If I could stay for one more day,
I’ll go back to my past;
Cross the line,
Lose myself,
Chase my dreams,
Fall in love again.

Because I am not sure,
If in heaven
I could have a second chance,
To face my fears and to fight;
What I believe,
What I love,
Who I am,

Life is not about winning,
It’s about trying,
It’s not about living,
It’s about loving,

Nothing will last forever,
Every moment is meant to love,
The life we have.

This post was submitted by Rowena Napuli.


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I could write you a poem right now.
Let your soul linger on every syllable, every vowel.
Because these words, came from the sky.
They fell like rain, effortless, no need to try.
Like a skydiver, eager to fall.
Not fall to hurt, but to risk all.
Be my airplane.
And I’ll be your sky.
So that maybe, if we listen close,
we can hear the past cry.
Because it made the mistake.
It put its life at stake.
The past fell too fast.
And now, it is gone.

This post was submitted by Rachelder .

My Own Mystery

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Learn to read sorrow, And learn to read pain
Learn your friends true feelings, Learn yours
Learn to breath once again, learn to feel alive
Learn to live after you have died, learn to die and yet still be alive
Learn to love, but not to hate.

Learn yourself, Learn your mind
Learn again and again, Yet you never gain knowledge
I don’t know why, that mystery is not yet known

But as time advances, we must know… After birth, After death, We are still loved
Do not lose..anything…ever

Why must we live,
Why must we die,
Why must we learn about loss,I have yet to know

Why heaven, Why hell
Make our earth suffer

Surrounded my grave may be in roses
And yet in still not beautiful,
I’m still not happy,

I still don’t have the pretty blue eyes.
You see that i own.

This post was submitted by Ephelia.G.


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Another day begins
and I hear the alarm ring
Whats in store
Nobody knows

The golden sun beam shone brightly
But you are unable to move your head, ever so slightly
The birds hum their favorite tune
and the bikes go …vroom vroom VROOM!

The weekend was fantastic!
And so the Monday begins ‘bombastic!’
Reach your workplace and discover
That work patiently awaits you …like a lover!!

Whats in store…whats in store…
Read on sometime…and you shall know more.

This post was submitted by Natasha.

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