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DownUp +13

When I look up and down the streets,
in this world I dare not speak,
to see the people looking down,
I wonder why they always frown,
just one day I hope I see,
people that are as happy as me.

This post was submitted by Stephanie Carle.

Life is short

DownUp +96

Life has its beginning
Like a book or a story that there’s an ending
For eternal life is always waiting
To end those pains and sufferings.

It made me remember
When I still had my grandfather
Who was there for me when I needed care
And wakes me up in the midst of nightmare.

Years had passed and his strength was finally over
Day by day his knees were getting weaker
Until one day he couldn’t land his feet
It only shows how life is so swift.

From dark hair to gray
Not knowing that his birthday would be also his last day
I have nothing to do but to pray
That God will find a way to be with him again someday.

This post was submitted by Juenessee Dona.

I Wonder

DownUp +50

I wonder why a bird can fly…..
and yet, not I

A fish can swim beneath the sea …
but yet, not me.

The hoot owl sees in the dark of night…
yet, I must use a light.

It soes not seem quite right…
yet……”I can wonder!”

This post was submitted by Sandra Baker.

If I Could Stop Time…

DownUp +30

If I could stop time,
I will be in the toppest of the world
Experiencing all the joys and happy moments

If I could stop time
I would pray the Time to stand still,
Because there are still few words left unspoken:
And moments to spare with the loved ones

If I could stop time
I request the Lord to have mercy on me
So that I shall grab out all the rapturous fantasies
Oh! Time be slow for you are the greatest healer of life,

I wish and love to do all these things
If and only if I could stop………TIME!

This post was submitted by Vinutha. H.M..

Our Ride of Life

DownUp +36

Why do we complain
when we have everything.
We have all we need to live
a comfortable life.
But we walk around
with ingratitude and strife.

We should stop and think
about others,
not just of ourselves.
For it is in humility
that one discovers-
true dignity…

When tragedy hits
we all throw fits
for a minute or two.
But when it’s over
we brush it aside
and continue on this
fascinating ride of

This post was submitted by Anabela Loureiro.

My Answer

DownUp +32

I keep searching for an answer,
But I never seem to find one.
I’m here, you’re here,
But for what?

I keep looking around me,
And all I see is tragedy.
People dying over here,
People dying over there.
But I’m here, you’re here,

I keep hearing sounds,
Sounds of bombs,
Sounds of people screaming,
And sounds of laughter.
But I’m here, you’re here,

I take a closer look at you,
I see what you’re holding in your hand.
I look at the knife,
I start to scream, you do the same.
I stop and so do you.
I’m here, you’re here,
What’s going on?

I take a step back,
You take a step forward.
I reach out my hand,
You do the same.
Once we touch,
I understand.
I’m you and you’re me.

And that’s when I found my answer.

This post was submitted by Stephanie Moody..


DownUp -7

Stamina fades so fast
to work-out physically;
Head’s aiming for great stuffs.
The essence throw up
the routinely ways.

Sometimes things just happen,
feelings promptly ended.
Mind’s stopping to anticipate,
Eyes are just closing to see,
What the ears hear.

Loneliness occurs time to time,
Emptiness filled the motions.
Unsatisfactory scenes entangles.
Contentment struggles while
Hope is willing to pause for a little while.

Moment to moment…
Seconds to minutes…
Minutes to hours…
Bits and pieces are motionless.
Temporary fades, Temporarily occurs.

This post was submitted by markdolorosa.

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