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Move on in life with a new aim;
dont give up cause its not just a game..

He will lift u up with your every fall;
tackle every obstacle and stand tall..

Dont ever let yourself get screw;
cause life is a lesson u learn it when u are though.

This poem was written/submitted by jigar parekh.

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Time it is an enemy, and yet be a friend.
Time it last forever, goes on after the end.
Time it waits for no one, it ticks our life away.
We plan our life making time, every second of the day.
Time the past and present, keeps our memories dear.
Yet our future that has not arrived, time keeps for when it’s here.

This poem was written/submitted by Kirsty Mathis.

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This is life… if you don’t know

A day will come and we have to go

It is not easy we all know

Sad don’t be so

There are no words to express the feeling inside

But this is life changing us everyday from side to side

Enjoy every moment in your life
as if you are going to win a noble prize

You can say the train is arriving and we need to go

Time passed so quickly since we said hello

I know it is difficult to keep this cry inside

The time when you are saying goodbye

And you can’t say why

Just look at the sky and ask god to make you happy
the place you are

The last thing I can show is my opened mouth smile even
if I am not that happy from inside.

This poem was written/submitted by Sara H.

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when a person is destined for hell.
They stop caring.
About the world.
When a person knows their destination.
They plan for it.
They know what to do,
to make it worthwhile.
These people,
the don’t care,
about you or me.
They dont care,
about what we need.
they are destined for hell.

This poem was written/submitted by Lauren Hall.

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Life is not fair
but it can’t be unfair
bcz it has good and bad times

so, we have to go to the prime
of the life
and be ready
for all the knives
that can hurt us in the way

so, stay awake
life is just a game
u can’t always win
and u can’t always lose
but u have the chance, to try again
with no excuse

we have only one life
so, thank god for what u have
becz there is no time to be confused
what to do and what to use

life is not fair
but it can’t be unfair
but it is so rare.

This poem was written/submitted by fayrouz.

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Sometimes all I want to do is quit,
I want to give up and not commit.
I’m so stressed out, school seems so tough,
I get frustrated, I’ve honestly had enough.
Life is hard, drama continues to spread,
I feel so lost, being pulled by a thread.
Everything is so rushed, always a “go go go”
I want to stop time, make everything become slow.
Occasionally I just feel down, the worlds coming to an end,
Everything is going wrong, on a downward descend.
But wait a second; I put my worries aside,
I realize I am lucky, to simply be alive.
I need to appreciate, see what my life has in store,
So many options, so much time to explore.
Life is a gift, so good indeed,
Don’t let it pass by, strive to succeed.
Confidence and pride are always a must,
Being a downer is a true disgust.
Life is good, I am lucky girl,
To be so blessed, in a wonderful world.

This poem was written/submitted by Mariah Smith.

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It takes a day to make a dream,
But it takes many nights for a seed to become a tree.

Life is a ladder that must be climbed.
But in every stage,

There are many rivers and battles to fight
And our hopes determines our future.

This poem was written/submitted by rayan dharman.

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