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Trust Hurts

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Trusting others may seem real small.

until they push you and make you fall.

While you’re down they’ll kick you around.

they dig a hole and throw you in.

Trusting them you let them win.

The pain they cause comes within.

believing their words and every move

is something that you shouldn’t do.

trust is something that is eared and

something that can be returned.

With one lie there are more to come

are you willing to be that dumb?

Remember the times you cried alone

wishing for the shooting star to come…

give it time and you will know the one you can love

and one you can hold.

protect yourself

hang on tight

don’t give up its worth the fight..

This post was submitted by Kelsey Patrick.


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Life a simple word
but has a great meaning
life a small word
but gives a great learning
life an easy word
but has many points of turning
life a great thought
and has many persons loving
life an easy saying
but is very confusing
life an enthusiastic word
which lasts on giving.

This post was submitted by megha sethiya.


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As life goes on,
Day by day,
You learn not to care,

The ones you loved,
The ones you trusted,
Betray you.
You learn not to care.

They get your hopes up,
Then let you down,
And once again you learn not to care.

You never see it coming,
Like a bullet through your hear.

As life goes on,
You’ll learn to care,
You’ll learn to love,
You’ll learn to live.

This post was submitted by Cheyanne vankeuren .

In Life

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In life, we were born to gain
That is why no one is exempted when it comes to pain
After all the sufferings, scars will remain
But be positive, as they say.. Sun shines after the rain!

Life is like a game, there is a point to begin
In the end, it’s either you lose or you win
But the matter is at least you’ve learned
And another play experience will be earned.

Life is like dancing, you dance with the beat
You sway and feel the music in every step of your feet
You turn, you move, you rock your body
And every direction, you dance gracefully.

In life there are lot of things we may encounter
Challenges, obstacles that will make us a fighter
We were born to become an army
Because life is a battle and you should be prepared and ready.

This post was submitted by Juenessee Dona.

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Mr Experience

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Life is a teacher
You’re married to her
So live with her, thin or fat
Cause its till death you both part
Life is a lesson
But has no class
A lesson that,the bad,the good and very good
Shall still not pass…To Pass?
Failure precedes success, that’s the evidence
So says I, her husband Mr Experience.

This post was submitted by harday.

After Sunrise

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In life we walk a road so rough
Our destiny caught in a fight so tough
There’s always a way either narrow or wide
There’s always a choice between shame and pride

The wise has a reason for making foes
A fool has no reason for making friends
for he is blind and never sees
Man is made for few friends more enemies

The hard worker makes hay only in sunshine
The lazy man waits till there’s no more wine
Laying in bed even after sunrise
Listen fool,here’s a word of advice

Only an achiever holds the golden staff
Only the prosperous have a reason to laugh.

This post was submitted by idowu kingsley(antonio Zimo).

Heaven Is The……

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Heaven is more than great our life, soul, living
Heaven is the street of love
Heaven is the soul of nature…
Heaven is the volume of human…
Heaven is the feels of god…
Heaven is the path of life…
Heaven is the winning of hearts…
Heaven is the beauty of butterfly..
Heaven is the charming life..
Heaven is the creations of delight…
Heaven is the lovely wife…
Heaven is the deepest thought of life…
Heaven is the brightness of sky….
Heaven is the passion of dreaming life…
Heaven is the truly word in our life…
Heaven is such a beautiful with charming eyes.
Without heaven life is just like blind eyes….
feels heaven….
presence of god…..

This post was submitted by Mayank Taneja.

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