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The way…

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the way he moves;
the way he smiles;i want him…
more than i should.

the way he laughs,
the way walks,
i need him…
more than i want to.

the way he talks,
the way he smells,
i love him more than i need to.

This post was submitted by big red bubblehead.

Only You

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I long for the day that you’ll be mine,
Your every kiss, touch and smile,
Again and again i tell myself,
That you belong to me and no one else.

Although we haven’t been friends for so long,
I think its time we become one,
You know, you’re for me and I am for you,
So I’ll prove my love for you,
Not through letters, notes or songs,
But through my arms where you belong…

This post was submitted by Richard.

I want you

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I want you more than you’ll ever know.
when i see you smile,
I feel my heart,
skip a beat,
I feel a smile creep to my face,
I feel like every thing is right,
for once in my life,
I forget everything that is wrong,
I forget how life is at home,
all i want is you here next to me,
for the rest of my life,
I want you,
but the question is do you want me?

This post was submitted by Serena.

Only a little while

DownUp +1

I know we’ve only
known each other for
a little while but your
the one who really
makes me smile.
It could be the way you hold me
close, look into my eye’s and tell me
a funny joke, or the way you know exactly what to say and
every time I’m lonely you find a way to hold me.

This post was submitted by Rachel <3.

The few moments of Love

DownUp +1

Sitting. Watching. Waiting
He was opposite me
Every few seconds his eyes glazed past mine
Seeing the pain in my eyes
And the hurt in his
I turned my head
I knew this was life
It was reality
Every second was either one of hurt or love
Seconds of love were fewer
Moments of hurt were mostly all I knew
But still every time our eyes met
I knew that everyone feels pain
But my eyes meeting his was one of the few
The few moments of Love

This post was submitted by Allie.

Three words

DownUp +3

A little boy and little girl
Are Sitting by a stream
Talking , listening
About what they
want to dream

The boy turned round as
He blushed in the face
Looking at her , and
Slowing in pace

“I love you” he says
About to turn blue
The girl stares around him
and says “well I love you too”

Walking very proudly
Never feeling more alive
It’s cute I tell you
Wait till they turn five.

This post was submitted by lisa.

Forever I Will Wait

DownUp 0

I want to see you more and more,
Why can’t you just walk through that door?
I want to see you everyday,
I know there is only one way.
I have to be patient for you,
For you make me feel brand new.
I cannot believe you can’t see us now,
All I ever think is how?
Forever it will be,
And one day you will see.
My love has been true from day one,
I will wait for you to come.

This post was submitted by Grace.

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