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I Love You

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If I had a thousand pages,
I could never name them all,
the reasons that I like you,
for the list would be too tall.

I love you for the melody,
I hear within your voice.
The way your eyes hold me,
A captive, but by choice.

I love you for your gentle hands,
that melt away my pain.
I love you for your loving heart,
That made mine beat again.

I love you for your sweetest smile,
With which my old heart soars.
These are some of the reasons,
Every single beat is yours

This post was submitted by Ian.

Can our love last forever?

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My love I may reveal, with you within it does lavish
Pushing away the woes and droughts that threaten to crush my wish

Can I believe that your heart beats a sweet rhythms for me?
Keeping hold of the thoughts that you’re my destiny

To hear the lilt in your voice and hold it to me tight
To want to hold you and be held but told none of it is right

Can dreams explode to life? can our love last forever?
My mind and heart, thought and soul would suffer to say never

From morning to noon and evening to twilight, being together we try
Though both tied down by the same boulder, we still attempt to fly.

This post was submitted by Chiara.

He is my inspiration

DownUp +1

I love to see him smiling
feels like my heart is singing
whenever i am with him
my eyes never dim

Looking at his face
makes me feel grace
Loving him each day
is what i always pray

He is my inspiration
yes! but not my desperation
with him, i know i have direction
for i love him with affection.

This post was submitted by Rose Nerisse Simbulan Turla.

Just him and me

DownUp +2

Our eyes meet after a while
When they do i can’t help but smile
We get in trouble for talking but we don’t care
When he walks in the room i can’t help but stare
His deep brown eyes
His dark brown hair
I hope some day that he will see
we should be alone in the world just him and me

This post was submitted by Kayleigh Schaefer.

My Heart Wants You

DownUp 0

Roses Are Red.
Violets Are Blue.
I Know I Did Wrong,
But My Heart Wants You…

I Lay Awake At Night,
Broken And Sad.
Wishing One Day We,
Could Have Back What We Once Had…

I Know You’ve Given Me Chances,
More Than I Deserve. I’m Just Asking,
For One More To Prove My Love.
I’ll Be There For You When,
Push Comes To Shove…

Baby Please Forgive Me,
I Will Mend Your Heart.
I Will Be Loyal To You,
And I Will Not Hurt You…

Now You Know How I Feel,
I Will Do My All To Make This Real.
Hopefully At The End,
You Will Be My Girlfriend…

Because, Roses Are Red,
And Violets Are Blue.
I Know I’ve Done Wrong,
But My Heart Wants You…

This post was submitted by NaTeTeHGrEaT.

You mean the world to me

DownUp +8

My heart drops to the ground when you are around
This feeling is weird it is new to me
Just why can’t you see
How much you mean to me
Foolish games we play teasing and tauting all day
When all i want is your hand to be in mine
There is no words to define
You mean the world to me
I can not deny
You mean the world to me
I must not tell lies

This post was submitted by Taylor Masse.

Without You

DownUp +1

I’m in love with you
This is true
life without you,feels so blue
you are the reason for my existence
the reason for my persistence
to push on in life
to carry on with this unnatural strife
for a happier life
with you
I love you
Yes I do
to you’re wish, I shall do anything for you
because my life is incomplete without you.

This post was submitted by Emmanuel Desanker.

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