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Love is blind

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It’s only now, I look back to see
Inside your eyes I saw
Only me.

I hope you looked directly back
To see my heart
with now it’s crack.

I loved you so
But now I find
The truth of it all,
That love is blind.

This post was submitted by Jen…x.

Here forever

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He whispered into my ear
‘you are the only one’
he whispered into my heart
‘without you i am done’
he whispered into my mind
‘there isn’t anyone better’
he whispered into my soul
‘cuz i will be here forever’

This post was submitted by kc.

Do love

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Do love someone so much that,
you would laugh to hear their voice,
smile to see their smile,
cry to see thier eyes,
lie to see their face,
Die to see them one more time

This post was submitted by yetla.

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