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Everyday I see you,
I look into your eyes,
Hoping that just one day,
You won’t pass me by.
I’ll smile and smile and smile,
and hope and love and look,
and wish that I could be,
the girl your wishes took,
I guess I think I need you,
Or maybe that’s just why,
I feel the need and need the truth,
Coz I don’t want to die.
This feeling hurts inside me,
It tears my heart in two,
How I wish that you could see,
that silence screams the truth.

This post was submitted by Libby.

Thank You

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Thank you so much
For being the one person I could talk to.
Thank you so much
For never leaving my side
Through the tough and ugly times.
Thank you so much
For being my rock.
Thank you for being understanding.
Thank you for being patient, kind, friendly.
Thank you for accepting me for who I was
And looking on the inside
Not the outside.
But most of all…thank you
for loving me-like no one else ever has
Or ever will.

This post was submitted by kc.

My First Crush

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You look at me and I can’t breathe.
I basically want you all to myself.
But I can’t, cause I’m so full of doubt.

I don’t know if you truly like me
But I’m pretty sure, that’s unlikely.
I look at you from across the hall
Then I think I’m about to trip and fall.

I wish I had the courage to make the first move.
But I’m too afraid of what you’ll say or do.

This post was submitted by Roxanne.

Still Loving You

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I got nothing to do tonight
But to think of you as I close my eyes
Teardrops were long gone and have stopped pouring
But loneliness is in my heart that is still aching

It’s been years now when you have left me
Still I’m here drowning in your memories and in misery
I guess my heart forgets how it is to move on
It still wants to go back to what is already gone

I always look at your picture when I’m alone
Thinking what if it’s me and not her is in your arms to hold
Perhaps I am happy now if it’s me in your side
But it is her, not me that you kiss goodnight.

This post was submitted by mhajal0622.

Love poem

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I can’t stay without you, I need you so much.
Never one second without you, I’m longing for your touch.
Just one look at you, it’s the best thing I can get.
A second gaze at you, I feel it but yet,
Your indifference is stabbing me slowly, really slow.
I can’t get it, did you really have to teat me so?
You will always live buried in my head,
And never will my love for you be shed
Away. You will always be near,
Because near you my heart will never fear
The cold nights at home, alone.
The sense of life is gone.

This post was submitted by danish.

How could i know

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When i’m down you’re there to make me up
when i’m weak you’re there to comfort
when i’m in trouble you’re there to help me

can this be love what i feel inside?
or just an infatuation
nevertheless, how could i know?
that you feel the same way too

every time that we were together
i feel happy and comfortable
i felt safe and have no worries
however, how could i know that you felt the same way too?

how i wish that you were always by my side
and happy that i’m with you and you’re here with me
but, how could i know?

This post was submitted by meljoy.

It’s Hard for Me

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You think this is easy
it is hard for me
when you calm me down
i know it,it ain’t gonna be easy
the reason i’m still here is because of you
but when you told me the bad news
it’s like a piece of me just gone
even it hurt me badly
but i’ll try my best to forget you

I won’t let you go
but i probably should
even it is not my willing
but you said so
you already took a piece of me
and it’s hard for me to fix it

When you broke my heart
i felt like there’s nothing
meant for me anymore
but it doesn’t matter anymore
cause you’ll just treat me like a piece of paper
i know i’m not like a shinny star
that shines under the moon light
but i need to let you know what i feel
how badly i’ll get hurt
it doesn’t matter anymore
cause you’ll never know.

This post was submitted by Pan Yen Wah.

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