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I cannot say goodbye

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You are gone now,
But I am still here,
And as I recollect the sweet memories,
My eye sheds a tear.

I will miss you a lot,
That’s for sure.
For you were like the morning air,
So fresh and so pure.

You were like the sun rays,
That woke me each morning.
You were like my shadow,
Which would be with me till evening.

You were like sparkling water,
Transparent and clear.
I would see my reflection in you and smile,
But you are no more here.

You were like the setting sun,
Glowing red and bright.
But,you would return again as the moon,
Shinning high and white.

I see your face in the stars,
Smiling and so full of joy.
I will never forget you,
And “never say goodbye”.

This poem was written/submitted by Rahim.

It was a lie..

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You said I’m your life,
you said you’ll save me from lies,
i was trying to believe you
because you’ve said that you can’t tell a lie..

i was very happy
because you said you love me more than your life,
you said you can’t live without me,
so i never let you go,

loving you was an unexpected feeling
that i kept on believing,
but i can’t believe that you said
you don’t love me anymore,
i don’t want to be hurt once more,
there i saw you leaving,
i prayed and begging,
believing that I’m just dreaming,
I’ve been wrapped by false promises
I’ve been helpless,

i cried
i hide,
fighting gain too much pain
like walking in the rain,

I am facing the reality
that i must let you go,
and believe that our love won’t last forever,
so i set you free,
there i saw walking a mile away from me,
i woke up and realized
that all you’ve said were just a lie.

This poem was written/submitted by sarz.

You make me cry

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He loves me
He loves me not
He was my life but now i rot
Love me today
Love me tomorrow
Since that day all I feel is sorrow
Hate me now
Love me never
I thought are love would last forever
You thought i cheated
You made me cry
I’ll always love you, which makes me want to die.

This poem was written/submitted by Arielle Catastrophe.

Love and not lie

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Many people take love for granted..
Not realizing the beauty with in it.
If u stop and take the time to realize
just how much ones love can mean.
You may realize just how beautiful love may be.
Its a powerful thing and when you tell someone
you love them you have to mean it.
Give all your heart and soul into it.
Don’t tell them you love them if truth is you don’t.
Don’t make them believe in something that’s not real.
Be truthful and tell the one you love exactly how you feel.
Don’t try to hide it cause you never know when it will be to late.

This poem was written/submitted by Mackenzie.

Message in the Bottel: “Eternally”

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I know I’m just a cast away,
who’s trapped in an island, lost at sea
who’ll spend another lonely day,
with no one but me..

I still see you as I close my eyes and lay;
so often that almost took my breath away,
so I’ll just close my eyes and pray,
for the strength I need to help me stand today;

I know that you’re so far away from me,
and from this island, I sure can’t flee,
though, being happy is all I hope you’ll be,
this just mean: I love you and
I have to set you free.

the message in this bottle doesn’t mean S.O.S
but to say I love you with all my best..
and though I’m in the middle of this mess;
this is not a good enough reason
to love you any less..

You’re almost a hundred miles away,
though, there’s something, to you,
I just want to say,
The memories we had will always be with me,
Now and ever ETERNALLY.

This poem was written/submitted by Joefe B. Dagdag II.

I loved u

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I loved u like hell
and i felt like i want to yell
and let all the people know
how i loved u, and i like to show,

i feel happy when i be with u
but i didn’t know that u feel blue
when u be with me,

so we can be
as friends, that helps each other
and like to be together

but i thought that u trust me
and u feel agree
to tell me all ur secrets
without being afraid
that they will be waist

but i will be waiting for u
to come and tell me ur view
about life
with white and blue

even if this will take time
i will wait to climb
the prime of ur heart

and this will be the start
of our true friendship
and never apart

i will enjoy looking in ur eyes
and not seeing the disguised,
feelings that made me cry.

This poem was written/submitted by fayrouz.

Love Seems to Power All

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The simple indecisiveness of it all.
One day your on top of the clouds
yet the next day you can completely fall.
You can feel alone in the middle of crowds.
Days will pass
Smiles will grow.
Happiness arose alas
Completely trusting another as you go.
The fiery passion against all odds,
Fighting strong just to stand tall.
Everything else seems to be thrown abroad.
Love seems to power all.

This poem was written/submitted by Jude.

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