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I saw you in my favorite class
you’re standing there looking at me boastful
i wave at you so fast
instead of waving back you stare at me violently

i smiled at you at the cafeteria
but you ignore me once more
many of them notice it i’m sure
still i swallowed my dignity

i tried to talked to you
i cornered you outside school
i’m thwarting myself not to be scared
but you almost torn between annoyance and a desire to laugh

next thing i did promise myself
i won’t provoke you anymore
days, weeks, passing by so fast
wow!, i’m mending at last

as i was walking down the corridor
your eyes meet mine, those brown eyes
whew!, again i was mesmerize
i restrained myself, so i passed you by

i heard you mumbling unwieldy, you said
” i miss you ” paradox trashing my
innocent heart
oh! gosh! did i hear it right?

then i hear footsteps
cold hand in my shoulder
tears almost blinding me
so i clear it up

finally he hold my hands
then he said ” we’re just eight,
can we be friends? ” my heart
pounding “can you wait till we get
SIXTEEN?” i said ” yes, eight more
years is not long enough”
oh! gosh! my first crush…

This poem was written/submitted by krizie.

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I know it’s late at night darling
it is time for you to hang up your feeling
but there is something haunts my shadow
like the light pursues the blooming willow

You said it’s been so long
I said make it your song
Like bird on tree like dew on leaves
It is You where I put all my believes

O yes we are always quarrels
like oil and water in the barrel
but I never felt as safe
as I find it in yourself

This is an apology for the start
comes from the bottom of my heart
that I don’t want my star
go away too far.

This poem was written/submitted by Melia Lustojoputro.

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Now I am alone
in a place I’m on my own
there’s no one here but me
look but can’t you see
i lost you to a battle
and now it’s all over
I’ll remember you
like a wish from a clover
the battle was brought
and just as it was planned
you disappeared
like a grain of sand
i tried to fight it
but what was the use
the curse is still here
and it got rid of you.

This poem was written/submitted by Briana Peck.

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If you were a song,
Could I be the lyric?
And if you were my music,
No sorrow in my heart
That I can’t heal;
So let me sing along,
Together we’ll make a good melody,
Or we could be,
Phrase and rhyme,
Together we’ll make a good poetry.
How beautiful world would become,
If together is beyond just a daydream.
Neglecting my sanity,
Killing my dignity.
Integrity? Forgotten!
Now all I can think about is:
Gaining your affection.
Frightened by your silence.
Yet astonished by its absence.
Oh my affection is
Utilizing my imperfection.

This poem was written/submitted by Hannah Rogers.

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Why is it like this?
Its just not right.
we’re supposed to be happy,
yet all we do is fight.
I cannot take this,
no, i WILL NOT take this.
all I truly want is the way we used to be,
but this will be the last time
I attempt this desperate please.
i love you with my entire soul,
i will do whatever it takes;
my heart will not allow me to let go
regardless of whats at stake.
you’ve given me the greatest gifts
and for that im forever thankful;
you’ve also taken some away
and for that im forever hopeful.
i only want to be with you
but i cannot do it on my own,
you say you want to be with me too
but i yet i cry alone.
i never want to hurt you,
you’re what makes my every day
but in the end i happened to realize
you have to want to stay.
i am ready to start over,
you may again have my heart.
or will it be the same old thing?
excuses to keep us apart…
i dont want to wait for love
when its right there is my grasp,
i do, however, want a love thats real
and one thats going to last.
i believe with all my heart your love is the love i need,
but are you willing to give it back to me,
that is the question here indeed…
i love you, i love you, i love you;
that is all i have left to say,
and like i said before, my love
you have to want to stay.

This poem was written/submitted by Mariah L. Capelle.

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There are so many beautiful things in the world ,
I just hope there are million of marvelous things in heaven.

There are so many wonderful people in the world ,
I just hope there are million of wonderful people in heaven

There is just one person for me ,
I hope as well he will be with me in heaven!

This poem was written/submitted by brittany.

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I lived my life
I lived it twice
And now i’m here to stay.

At the end of the day
I’ll give up and pray
That you’ll come back and say…

I’ll love you till the end…
Even if this road will break and bend
Sweet lovers sitting under a tree
Making you please

Ive dreamed a dream
lived my life
And all I wanted to be was your wife
Oh baby come back
this ain’t no contract

Little baby’s tears
crying from a heartfelt of Fears
six thousand minuets
this isn’t enough time to win it

Cause Were Colder than cold
solid like gold
And If we break
before we awake
I’ll love you till the end
I’ll love you till the end.

This poem was written/submitted by claire logerfer.

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