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could be devastating
could be painful
could break your heart

but why still love?
could I teach my self not to love?
what should i do to stop this?

How many times i said not to love again..
but here i am again..
I can’t help my self to think of him..

the mere sight of him
makes my heart happy
just be to at his side

i think i have to give it a chance
maybe it’s worth it..
i hope so..

This post was submitted by marjie.


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So maybe things happen for a reason,
and I am sure there’s one for this time, too.
But if that’s true why can’t I seem to get over you?
Believe me I’ve tried,
but I’ve also cried.
More times than I can count
I fell for you to hard,
I guess i picked the wrong card.
The pain I feel is almost too real.
Do you even know what you put me through?
I bet you don’t
You never do.
This happened for a reason
I am still trying to figure it out.
I can’t say this is your fault
I guess it’s probably mine.
I am just not sure
why I go through this every time.
Give me my heart back,
All the pieces please.
Because you seem to break it just as often as I sneeze.
Love is like a puzzle,
The pieces only fit a certain way.
Let’s just say
I dont quite know yet
exactly where you go.

This post was submitted by Chelsea Porshia<3.

I Love You Baby

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I Remember The Times We Had Together
Like The Back Of My Hand,
We Dreamed About A Little Band,
I Thought It Was Going Perfectly,
Until You Said Lets Just Be Friends To Me.

This post was submitted by Jess.

Fear of myself

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I am running inside my own sorrow
what can happen today can change tomorrow

the pieces have left my heart in such destroy
I can’t express myself or know what to say

I am a lonely ghost trying to get by
pain running down my face as I cry

No one there to help me
no one there to understand me

I can no longer be the person I used to be
I was so happy so loving and free

Don’t judge me
if you can’t even see

don’t talk to me about how I shouldn’t be sad
because my heart hurts so bad

the trails of my life have come together
I wish I could go back and stay like that forever

But I know I can’t change Gods plan
but i need him there to hold me
to free me
to care for me
to understand.

This post was submitted by Stephanie.

Die for love

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I sit in the park where I dwell
For this boy I love so well
He took my heart away from me
Now he wants to set me free
I see a girl on his lap
He says things to her he never said to me
I ran home to cry on my bed
Not a word to mother was said
Father came home late that night
He looked at me from left to right
He saw me hanging from a rope
He took his knife to cut me down
And on my dress a note was found:
Dig my grave Dig it deep
Dig my grave From head to feet
And on the top place a dove
And remember this, I died for love.

This post was submitted by chloe.

Broken Love

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Your love for me was strong and true,

so strong it grew on grew.

No matter what came its way,

it grew till the very day.

It grew on a full moon night,
it grew when the sun was bright.

No matter what came its way,

it grew till the very day.

but soon you love came to an end..
my heart was torn and could’t be mend.
For now i lay benith the sky..

with my eyes i cry and cry.

This post was submitted by Auzana.

Love Will Last Forever

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I may not always be a good friend,
But I tried ,I know.
I may always be understanding,
But honestly I’m tired.
I may accept you and your situation,
But can you give me any consideration?

Now it’s your time to gave me a favor.
Can you gave me your full attention?
Can you understand me even just this time?
So please be patient in listening to my words.

You’re my friend,
So I wanna tell this to you,
I love this man so true,
that sometimes I forget about you,
Can you please accept the truth?
We fall in love with each other,
And we don’t mean to bother.
But we really love each other,
And we’re praying that our love will last forever.

This post was submitted by syvel jay tanjusay silvestre.

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