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Eighteen years
of you being alive
and I meet you
you show me the time of my life.
we meet unusually
but talk so casually
I know I’m falling for you.
easy to please
and glad to be with,
I haven’t felt much happier
with anyone else I’ve ever been with.
We’ve made some memories
and hopefully will make more soon
we have so much in common
yet some differences compare to the sun and the moon.
thinking of you
I write these poems for fun
to show how easily
you just might be the one.
if I were to leave my heart with you
to guard it for a day
I know you would treat it well
you do it EVERY day.
things are going to be great
with me and my baby
I’m the happiest girl alive
and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This poem was written/submitted by Samantha.

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words are not spoken between the two hearts
left for pain and healing.
it wasn’t suppose to end like this
after all we’ve been through
two different roads to the future
without a trace of each other

The future has yet to come
for either of us…
even with the sight of each other
now and again..

leaves my heart in pain
for healing yet to begin
your still here and my heart still broken
from nothing but y our words

“love” was the word we used
without regretting it every time
its what we felt ever time
when we seen each other
soon that all changed with a mistake
one night,one action,but two people

for that night i wish i could take back
its the only thing i regret…
somethings like that i can not though

only i know the pain from that night
unlike no other person
people seen my heart gone
since our last word, in the dark

you have yet to see that??
guess its my fault you do not see
its my fault it all had to change
in such a short time :/

our roads have finally split into two
guess all i can say is goodbye and good luck
even if it doesnt mean much….
things end for reasons. so goodbye.

This poem was written/submitted by amberbailey.

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I’ll always remember the day
you took my heart away
The fact that you chose me,
Was this just a fantasy?
I Miss the was you kissed me,
When we’d say our goodbyes,
When you told me you loved me,
Then looked right in my eyes.
Those Deep, Brown Killers,
Always made me get butterfly’s
I Thought That for sure, You were mine.
It was so easy loving you, But hard to forget,
The way you kissed me, right before the sun set.
You were supposed to be my love for life,
And put the twinkle in my eyes,
But we had to separate,
That put the tears in my eyes.
For weeks i was seeing crimson blood,
And tasting poison tears.
Those weeks in my mind,
Felt Like They Were years.
I’d see that blade shine in the light,
and my fears would worsen. Knowing that i did this,
for that one special person.
I Loved The Way you kissed me,
So keep the memory

This poem was written/submitted by Cici.

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Every kiss…
Every touch or word…
Just like its only…
Me and you here…

Here on the planet…
In this country…
In this state…
And in this city…

I want whatever I can get…
Someone who wants me to be at peace…
With the world…
With the universe…

Someone who wants me to happy…
Not sad, mad, or depressed….
Someone who just wants me….

I want this someone to make me feel like…
Like no one else is alive or breathing!
Who just wants it to be us….
Forever and always!

Just us!
Not another soul more.
In our own perfect little world….
Just me and you…
Against it all
Just so it can be the way we want…

Someday we’ll runaway
Together, happy and free….
No one but you and me…
In our perfect world….
No one….
Just us!
Forever and ever!

This poem was written/submitted by Cindy:))))).

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You are the key to my heart,
the ray of light in the dark.
The answer to my questions,
and we will never part.

You are everything that i love,
You were sent to me from above.
Your Mine Forever,Forever Im Yours.
I Love you So Much, It Hurts.
You Are The Color Of My Life.
I’d Die Today,
In Any Way To Stay With You Forever.
You Take Your Life I Take Mine Next,
We’ll Be Together Forever<3.

This poem was written/submitted by Cici.

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Love is so impeccable,
It just cannot be replaced
It leaves you in its undying lust,
Till you feel its trance.

Your touch is so overwhelming,
I revere each second of it.
The way you hold my hand,
Or kiss me on my neck,
Trust me, I enjoy every bit.

I am insecure as,
I feel you will leave me stranded,
Alone and lonely,
In this blistering cold.
We have shared some thoughts,
Laughter and memories.
Now it’s like I’m addicted to you,
Stuck in rehab and need therapies.

I would be crazy if I said I didn’t love you,
It was the very first time I saw you.
So take me down,
There is nobody else I want to be with,
I want to wake up in your arms.
This unconditional love for you grows each day,
Every night seems brighter than the day.
Take me away to this special place,
Where we can make hay.

Let’s make an oath to be together,
Always for eternity.
Clasped in one another’s arms,
Cherishing the beauty of love,
And our lives will be empowered.

This poem was written/submitted by oishwaria.

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When I thought I had nothing left to give
You picked up the pieces of my heart
Put them back together
Gave love for me a new start

You’ve given me feelings
I could never ignore
Torn down every wall
And have me begging for more

And as we’re growing together
Living and loving more everyday
We’ve learned that life throws us curves
And that the best to do is pray

We’ve got to be optimistic
Just to keep from drowning
Wear a smile on your face
When you should be frowning

If we can make it through this
We can make it through anything
And I’ll never leave your side
Cause this, you are my blessing

So no matter how bumpy
The road may get
I am now and forever yours
Have been from the first day we met

So baby hold on
Just a little bit longer
Because this right here
Is gonna make us stronger.

This poem was written/submitted by Katelyn Gill.

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