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True Story

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I sit here wondering each and everyday,
you seem to be pushing me away,
I don’t understand why you are being this way?
You slowly stopped talking to me,
And didn’t answer my calls,
I often lay there crying on the floor,
I didn’t know what to do anymore,
where to turn to next?
I had had it with your bullshit,
I didn’t want to hear your lies,
Every time i asked you,
You just said you couldn’t get online
But i knew your password,
And what you were telling me was all a big lie!
You talked to all those other girls,
But never bothered to type my name,
This was just like one of your silly games
I grew tired of this,
sick of the tears you caused me to cry,
I asked you: Baby do you still love me,
Or am i hanging on for dear life?
What he told me had broken my little heart,
I just didn’t understand why he led me on from the start?
Why did you let me hang onto something that wasn’t even there?
That had just disappeared into thin air.
And your reason is: You didn’t really care,
Your feeling were never there,
He said this is goodbye,
Don’t ever call again!

This poem was written/submitted by Krystal Farrell.

Dear boy <3

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I write you this last love letter,
to remind you i still care,
Even though your feelings,
have disappeared into thin air,
I always have loved you,
From the very start,
I fell for you,
and oh boy i fell hard,
You were only in sixth grade,
and love was never there,
But for some reason i had this feeling,
and i couldn’t help but stare.
I never thought you would actually realize i was even there,
You walked up to me and said hello,
The feeling those words gave me,
had a power deep below,
we kept on talking,
and soon became friends,
I liked you more then you would ever know,
I fancied you more then a friend.
Day after day,
I waited for you to show,
but everyday was a dead beat,
a day full of sorrow,
no one ever told me that you moved,
How this feeling left me,
Not a single tear could soothe,
the constant aching in my heart,
The way i loved you from the start.
So you see.
This love didn’t only just begin,
You only just decided to realize it was there,
But you ripped my heart apart,
You have lost me now,
and you will never find another girl,
who will love you as much as i do,
so have fun picking up the pieces of my heart,
They can’t just be super glued .

This poem was written/submitted by Krystal Farrell.


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I don’t love you
this I m finding as a relief
i just wish you would have thought
about the damage in which you brought
ill always love you
and i don’t know why
after all, i should despise
what you have done
and who you have become
but i don’t and i wont
because i cant
I m surely damned
into a life of fake smiles
and pure denials
when you ask whats wrong
ill say nothing at all
just to make you happy
and so you cant see the pain
in which i cant complain
because you don’t love me
why cant i find this as a relief?

This poem was written/submitted by deziee.

Missing Love

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Sitting on my bed,
I wait for u.
I wait for your laughter,
Your smile.

Remember our talk,
Under the stars.
Under the stars,
We held hands.

Our hands intertwined,
How I miss.
I miss everything,
Every part of you!

You are my one,
I am your only.
Only our love can last,
Forever and always.

This poem was written/submitted by Dustin .

“Forgot About Love”

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We’ve been through much worse, but it’s time to call it quits.
The fighting has intensified—same as the arguments.
Neither one of us respected the others privacy
I always told you the truth, yet you always said, “Dont lie to me.”
If the trust was broken, then this has no chance of lasting.
It was a storm that stayed over our heads with no signs of passing.
Together we were a whole but now we’re just a fraction.
Moving on without the other—time to put the plan in action.

Easily said, we had some problems with communication.
Both made each other promises, but we always kept the other waiting.
Never intentional. Deep down we shrived to give each other more.
For too long we denied we had issues, but now we can’t ignore.
We just hurt each other, time & time again
That what we once held so dearly was coming to an end.
It’d go from good to bad then worse. It’d change in a minute.
The picture we painted for our futures now have neither of us in it.

The relationship was unhealthy…for the both of us.
Some days I wanted to rebuild but others I wanted to blow it up.
We could start from scratch. But we knew we’d get the same result.
Love to hate to love, neither of us knew how we really felt.
I’d always try & take a negative & turn into a positive
Until one day we were just so sick of all of it.
The feelings we shared, guess we must have lost it
Because starting over now is no longer an option.

There was a time I used to be willing to fight for you.
But it all changed. I guess that’s what fights will do.
We didn’t agree on much, but that feeling we shared.
I always thought our arguments showed how much we cared.
Reached our boiling points, it’s like each of us had enough.
And we’ve been thru too much now to build it back up
As I sit here & reflect on everything that happened to us
It’s clear to me now that we just forgot about love.

This poem was written/submitted by Ryan La Crosse.

Do you still love me?

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Every night everyday
i wanna see your smile in your face
i wanna feel your hand lock with mine
coz your the only one who can make each of my day shine, but

sometimes i feel like i wanna give up
feel like breaking up
coz you know what?
im really trying my best
but i think for you, its all worthless

could you be approachable?
so that things wont be miserable
i love you
but i guess its not worth it for you

sometimes i feel like you couldn’t feel my love for you
fell like you dont love me too
‘coz even if how hard i tried to reach you out
your always keeping on pushing my heart away from your heart

are we really forever?
or just “forever” is OVER??

This poem was written/submitted by donna rose amper.

I guess i Thought

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This really is the last thing I’ll say to you,
You were my first love but you broke my heart in two,
You lead me on to believe your lies,
This whole time it was a game you were playing
and breaking my heart was the prize.
Do I even know you at all anymore,
Or are you just the beautiful stranger from last summer.
Seeing your name makes me feel sick,
Knowing I cant have you is seriously thick,
Did you ever really love me?
Its an answer I wont know .
You told me that you did,
Was that apart of your show?
I look at the pictures of us and want to cry
Memories come back and how happy I was
I cannot describe.
You told me you would be here forever
But then you left
I guess I thought you were different .
I just want you too hold me again and keep me warm
Because everything in my world has turned so cold
It’s just like a rough storm.

This poem was written/submitted by saoirse.

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