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DownUp +21

Nows a right time, to show him how I really feel,
My love for you is truly real,
I love you for you and nothing more,
Your hugs and kisses I do adore,
But when your not there, I don’t know what to do,
So many sleepless nights, crying and thinking of you,
Just thinking we’ll make is through,
And baby…. Our love will last forever till that day I say “I DO!”

This post was submitted by Bethany Rivers.


DownUp +19

There is something divine,
Something many can’t find,
Something I found the day you told me you were mine.
Something that can be said in one line,
But lives for a life time.
It can’t be bought,
It can’t be sold,
As for many,
It is yet still untold.
Without it,
The heart of men becomes cold.

For some, it seem like history,
But for others,
It’s still a mystery.
It can’t be seen, but yet it exist,
What is it then? “Love”.
Love changes things,
Even though at times love hurts,
Still it’s the greatest comfort.

This post was submitted by Christopher Rodriques.

Laugh in Love!

DownUp +12

I look at you
you look at me
smiling back
while i say cheese
we are in love
that’s all we need
to write a beautiful melody
laugh and laugh
that’s what we do
hey come on let’s get in the pool
we know it all
but we keep it cool
we talk the talk
& walk the walk
we laugh a lot
cos we’re dork at heart
he bring out my inspiration
making me feel alive
but I’m just laugh in love
straight from my heart!

This post was submitted by Jizzel Escalante.

Together Forever

DownUp +11

I have seen you a million times
Ever since we once met
My Heart, My Soul, were given to you
But never took back


Rest your head and close your eyes
While I pull two stars from the skies
And dwell them into your eyes.

You changed my world with a blink of an eye
You pulled me together
With your infinite love and divine

We share something between us,
Neither one of us can hide.
Both heaven and our consolidated soul will soon collide.
Together Forever!

This post was submitted by Khandaker Saadi.

One Last Time

DownUp +12

The greatest reward that I once had
Was to meet you in my past

Ever since that day
My life is turning into a permanent display

Every moment that passed me by
My heart called out to you until it cries
Every and each time

At least, let me see you again
One last time.

This post was submitted by Khandaker Saadi.


DownUp +23

Love – a small word that means so much
For some it’s emotional, others it’s spiritual, some it’s physical touch.
It takes a second to say it, and a lifetime to show it.
A minute to give it, and forever to grow it.

They say love is magic; that’s the conclusion.
But sometimes magic ends up being an illusion.
People mix up love for either like or lust.
Love can only be revealed through enduring trust.

Love is sacrifice, giving your time, talents, and treasure.
These three speak of unspeakable measure.
Four letters with power beyond your imagination,
Can change your world, and give you a revelation.

This post was submitted by blake.

I know you’ll never love me

DownUp +14

I know you’ll never love me
and I don’t know why
I know you’ll never think of me
it makes me want to cry
but i do know that I’ll love you
each and every day
as long as your happy
in this sad world
I’ll be happy too
even though I’m a lonely girl

This post was submitted by Christina.

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