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Selfish Creed

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Life won’t be the same again,
The sun’s rays won’t be as bright as before.
There’s emptiness in my being and nothing can fill the gap,
Though smiles are drawn in my lips,
They won’t be as sweet as they used to be.

I put up a strong facade,
Trying to be tough and firm in others’ sight.
But my deafening sobs echo during the darkest nights,
Haunted by your memories that linger in my mind.

I long for you but I must deny,
This feeling isn’t right even from the start.
I am fooling myself, trying to hold on a fragile hope,
But soon, everything will break loose,
And nothing will be left but a broken soul.

If only wishes come true,
I’ll run to you and hold you tight.
Not minding my past, no looking back,
I will sit still next to your heart.
But this is such a selfish creed.

You and I, will end so soon,
Leaving me behind lost and alone.
No one can mend my broken heart,
Because it’s only you I need all along…..

This post was submitted by Maureen.

The Beauty

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Back in the interiors of the crosswalk
The succession of the blissful scenes
On the walls of the word beautiful
stood an angel in the form of flesh
Her smile as lovely as the lilies in autumn
Her eyes glimmer in the colors of gold
I saw the contours of her body
The pride and priceless velvet skin
I swear the look on her face could move mountains
A feel of her touch and you’ll be nowhere but next to paradise
I wanted to hold her close
But she was so far away
Yet I feared neither distance nor time
For her image was just an inch away
I call her a star in my universe
The living of my nights
The glitters of my day
She is all that matters and still is
The beauty in me.

This post was submitted by Michael Femi damilola.

Lies & Broken Promises

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Lies continue to be told
All my tears, I cannot hold.
What keeps me having hope, I may never know.
But I know that if you love me, you never let it show.
I’ve grown tired of your “apologies”
All the worthless Sorries.
Yet I continue to hold hope to the future that we shall not have together.
You say you know you hurt me, but yet you cause me pain that lasts forever.
Please, if you dont love me, set me free.
It’s worth it although it will hurt Ainsley.
Every night i dream….of a perfect us.
Where there’s love….and bundles of trust.
Happy I am, until I wake.
Realizing the truth, I begin to shake.
Tears begin to fall, washing away the smile that was once there.
Words cannot express how much I care.
Weather you do or not, Is a mystery.
Are you going to let the story of us end here, and become history?
Loving someone shouldn’t hurt me.
But I guess I’ll continue to dream of how we should be.
One day I”ll get the courage to leave you.
And maybe you’ll realize how my love was true.
Sadly those things shall never happen, so for now all i ask of you is…….
Never tell me you love me, until you are ready to mean it.

This post was submitted by Isis Arboleda.

What You Did To Me

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I’m all smiles now
Every now and then there’s a tear running down my face
Sometimes it’s about you
I think of what we could’ve been
Of all we could’ve done together
It hurts me that I told you how I felt
& you didn’t even care
You didn’t even give me a response
But that made me realize
That it just maybe wasn’t meant to be
That what I felt for you was nothing
But a “lovey dovey crush”
But when I fell for you
I fell for you hard
There was no turning back
But now I’m over that
I’m over of what I felt for you
Not completely
But enough to live my life to the fullest extent
To be happy, to be able to smile for real again.

This post was submitted by Guiselle.

Stupid Love

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After how much I confided in you
You decided to just betray me
I trusted you
And you trusted me
Where the hell did all of that go
You just betrayed me for someone else
But my heart still says that i love you
But I just gotta call from my brain saying its
Just an illusion
Stupid love…
Cant believe i was actually falling for you
I’m sorry tummy for all the butterflies he made you feel
I’m sorry pillow for all the tears that he caused
I’m sorry heart for all the pain he made you feel
To my brain you were so right..
When you got your friends around you
You treat me just a random person
But if we’re alone you treat me I’m someone important
I don’t know if you love me
But I know that my heart still does
But my brain says it doesn’t…
I’m sorry, but I love you…
But why do I even try?
You never notice me…
There’s no point in telling you
How I feel
You wouldn’t care.

This post was submitted by Guiselle.

I Am Stupid

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So stupid of me to let you go
just letting you slip through my fingers
like grains of sand
All that we went thru
All the history
All the memories
All the time we spent building up our love..
I destroyed it in less than five minutes
I’m sorry.. x|3
I wasn’t thinking straight
Now I realize that you really did love me
But its too late
You proved it to me in any way possible
But I just didn’t realize that..
I really do love you
That you meant it when you said that
You loved me
What I did wasn’t a loss to my heart & yours..
But It was murder to love that we had
All the love that you gave me..
I was too stupid too careless
To realize that it was pure and true
I’m sorry..
I know my words aren’t enough
For you to forgive me
I just wanted you to know that
I loved you then..
And I still love you now x3
So many things to write
About how I love you..
But it won’t really make a difference..
Cause you probably forgot about me by now..
But know…And always remember in your heart..
That you were my first love..
What i felt for you wasn’t anything at all what felt for other guys..
You’ll always be in my heart
“If I had a chance again I’d never let you go,
hold tight to your love cuz you never know”

This post was submitted by Guiselle.

No More

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You took my heart
You tore it apart
You were planning to throw a dart
Form the very start
To make me fall
Well now it’s my call
To make you crawl
& say this to you all
Say goodbye to your dictator ways
Cause I say that a new phase comes today
No more pain nor tears
Coming from this soul
That you broke down to tears
Shattered her dreams
Played her love
Who the hell you think you are?!
Making this soul suffer
making it cringe & stutter
Since it was from its own lover
Leaving it suffering…choking…
You just stare at it…
You make no movement
But a hint of a smirk is coming up.

This post was submitted by Guiselle.

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